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Back in March, celebrated psychedelic metal outfit The Atlas Moth unveiled the gorgeous artwork for their upcoming record, The Old Believer. With the unveiling came a tease that the creepy white-washed photo was only a portion of the final product, and that the full image would be revealed when physical copies of the album were submerged in water.

Now, thanks to Profound Lore’s Chris Bruni, we’ve got a look at what happens when you throw your fancy new The Atlas Moth record in the sink.

Via Instagram:

Neat! This reminds me of Nine Inch NailsYear Zero; when you played the CD, the ink on the label would heat up and change color, revealing a website that would allow fans to delve deeper into the album’s conceptual alternative reality. Things like this heighten the value of physical copies, and with sales dropping dramatically, I’d like to see more things like this on shelves.

I wonder if the vinyl edition will have the same quirk? I’d recommend removing the actual music media before doing this with your copy.

The Old Believer will be out July 10th through Profound Lore, and it will be amazing. Hear some songs from the record HERE and HERE.

[Via The PRP]
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