After the excellence of An Ache For The Distance, The Atlas Moth (currently on tour with The Ocean and Scale the Summit) are returning June 10th with The Old Believer, a seemingly-long three years after their massively successful sophomore album.

Today, the band proudly presented the world with the first single from the upcoming record, ‘Collider,’ and if this small sample is anything to go by, they’ve certainly outdone themselves. Check out the track over on Pitchfork.

The track certainly feels reminiscent of their perpetuating work, but there’s a stronger presence of clean vocalist/guitar Dave Kush on this one, underlaid by Stavros Giannopoulos’ mid-to-high screams. The prominent sludgy guitar work is omnipresent, elevated by tastefully implemented lead guitars, independent of one another, but complementing beautifully.

Judging by this alone, we’ve got another winning album on our hands.



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