SERDCE - Timeless

Blood Music sure has been making headlines in the last week or so. With the reveal that their Mystery Release is none other than Cloudkicker, the label has already set records for being the first label to press a Creative Commons work without seeking the artist’s permission. Now, Blood Music are here to prove that they are not all about controversy: SERDCE from Belarus, signed under the label, are just the ticket to do so. The band is currently streaming two new tracks over at our friends No Clean Singing. Go check it out!


SERDCE present a progressive vibe that is promising to say the least: pronounced bass mixes with hectic guitars, a saxophone solo near the end gives way to a touching acoustic-piano outro and powerful vocals can be heard throughout. Judging from these two tracks, expectations are certainly set high for their debut release, Timelessness, due to grace our ear on June 17th. Stay tuned dear readers, for we will surely give you a deeper glance into this album in the future.

In typical Blood Music fashion, the LP version of Timelessness promises to be absolutely gorgeous:

serdce blood music packaging


The colored vinyl is limited to 200 copies worldwide, so hit up Blood Music at 10 AM EST on April 23rd to secure your copy.



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