If the whole ‘Avant-garde Week’ thing didn’t tip you off, we’re quite partial to a bit of mind-bending insanity here at Heavy Blog. So, consider this our very own corner to discuss music that answers the question ‘why?!’ with a resounding ‘why the fuck not?’

First up, is the new collaboration between the black metal/noise phenomenon that is Gnaw Their Tongues and the sludge-ridden Belgian dirge of Alkerdeel. Together they spewed forth a nineteen minute swandive into a pit of sludge and dirty needles by the name of ‘Dyodyo Asema‘, put together to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Belgian label ConSouling Sounds, and an equally disgusting video that you can view below:


That deep mix of solely yellow and black looks to be a carry over from the album art, as seen above, and only serves to make those close ups of various insects and larvae all the more disconcerting. And that’s to say nothing of the music, that begins as an atmospheric slow and churning combination of bass fuzz, noise and guitar feedback, culminating in some deranged and sludgy black metal before finally collapsing back under it’s own teetering weight into a tar-thick pit of tortured, droning soundscapes. It’s a musical trainwreck whose sheer horrifying qualities make it all the more captivating and it’s not long before you’re nineteen minutes in, gasping for air that isn’t dank and heavy, only to decide to hit play again.

For fans of: Dragged Into SunlightLord Mantis, that time you accidentally clicked the wrong link and ended up on the wrong side of the internet.

Dyodyo Asema is out and ready to violate your ear drums right now.

– DL

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