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Summer Slaughter, for some reason, happens to be one of the most controversial (and successful!) tours that extreme/underground music has to offer. Sure, the trek got its start by being more of a death metal tour than anything else, but recent years have seen prog and metalcore bands joining the lineups, catching the ire of mouthbreathers all over the internet. I’ve loved the recent lineups even more for getting bigger bands and catering to a more widely diverse audience, and it’s always an exciting day in the Heavy Blog staff group when each year’s lineup is announced.

Proving its never too early to start speculating, the Summer Slaughter facebook page has already begun teasing this year’s iteration of the trek, and it looks like there’s a good chance our headliner this year will be death metal legends Morbid Angel.

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a confirmation, but historically speaking, if the Summer Slaughter facebook page throws a name out there for users to pick apart, there’s generally a good chance that it’s happening. Of course, this is a bit more specific than the teasing they’ve done in the past; the page updated their status with the phrase “Hammer Smashed Mordecai” months ahead of the announcement that Cannibal Corpse and Between the Buried and Me would be heading up the 2012 trek.

Surprisingly enough, people seem cool with the idea of Morbid Angel headlining Summer Slaughter. Their latest work was universally hated, and the band have been wise enough to stick to their early material during live performances. Still, the folks who comment on the Summer Slaughter page can find anything to be up in arms about. Just wait, I’m sure there will be plenty for them to be upset about. I can’t wait.

– JR


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