As far as Depressive Suicidal Black Metal goes, not many bands get it like Woods of Desolation. Their last album, Torn Beyond Reason, is one of my favorite albums of all time. The band is the brainchild of Australian artist D., who brings in a collection of session musicians from around the world. This time, for the brand new album As the Stars, he’s brought in Vlad (Drudkh) on drums, Luke Mills (Nazxul, Pestilential Shadows) on bass, and Old (Drohtnung) on vocals. You can stream the fabulous album at Stereogum.

On my first listen through the album, it is decidedly more lo-fi than the prior album, yet much more atmospheric. It isn’t as layered as Torn Beyond Reasons, but it does feel much more natural. The string and choir harmonies are gone, which actually gives it it’s own voice. It feels more from the heart. Fans of traditional DSBM bands such as Germ and Austere will feel right at home, but even fans of more popular bands such as older Alcest and even Deafheaven will find something to enjoy here. The release date is February 2nd, but you can pre-order this record now via Northern Silence Productions.


– GR


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