veil of maya audiotree

Last time we saw Audiotree, they brought us an intimate and high quality look at the post-rock world of And So I Watch You From Afar. Now, the studio group have returned, this time with none other than Veil Of Maya in tow to take a look at some of the highlights of their back catalogue and even pull out a performance of their latest track ‘Subject Zero‘. So, grab your ‘duh-jent’ hats and get ready for a whole load of ‘BROW-NAH BRAH-DU-DAH-DOWWW’, because this session slays.


[vimeo= width=”550″]

Despite the band being self-admittedly ‘burnt out’, they put on a great run through of these tracks, that reminds me I definitely need to catch this band next time they head out on tour near me. Which may take a little while, as the band announce within the video that they have news coming very soon about new music so maybe studio time is the next thing on their agenda?

– DL

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