Early last week,we told you about an upcoming supergroup project, comprised of two bassists and two drummers, formed by members of Kunz (also of Coilguns and ex-The Ocean Collective) and Red Fang — today, new details have begun to emerge, including the first look at their practice space that includes plenty of basses and drum kits, but also some onions and garlic for good measure. Yeah, I’m not sure either.

The studio blog can be found here, under the delightful title of ‘Five Fucking Songs’, and also contains some video which gives us, what I presume is, the first taste of music we’ve heard from the band.

[vimeo= width=550]

Following on from their promises that this group would be churning out some fuzzed up noise-rock, the sounds blaring through the teaser suggest they’re also planning on including plenty of introspective and moody fuzzy atmosphere as well. But, we won’t have to wait for long to find out, as the group have imposed a one week deadline on this material, readying themselves for a single show coming up this weekend on the 17th. If you’re in or anywhere near Lausanne in Switzerland, you owe it to yourself to check out that show.

– DL


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