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So, we’ll hit the year off early with our first new supergroup and, believe me, it’s one hell of a start. Hummus Records, a small Swiss label who embody the words ‘D.I.Y’ (and whose entire catalogue has been graciously made available for free here), took to Facebook last night to announce an upcoming collaboration they’ll be overseeing featuring Aaron beam and John Sherman of beer-drenched stoner rock merchants Red Fang alongside two of the primary members of Coilguns, Luc Hess and Louis Jucker — whom you may be more familiar with from their days with The Ocean Collective.

The two parties will apparently settle for a week in January in Lausanne, Switzerland, writing and recording before topping the week off with a live show. The full statement can be seen here and reads as:

Very excited to announce that Hummus’s noise rock duo KUNZ (Luc Hess & Louis Jucker) have invited Aaron Beam and John Sherman from RED FANG to collaborate and write a record together. This has been made possible courtesy of the Lausanne Sessions, Sophie and Le Romandie. Basically, Both bands will settle for a whole at LE ROMANDIE in Lausanne, and they will write and record all week long and play one single show presenting this work on january 17th. This should see the birth of an LP but can’t say much about it yet.

Anyways, yours truly will be part of the task force of people working in the shadow on this project with other very cool people so stay tuned.

Also, the support for this show will be our favorite bearded trio Ø L T E N.

!!! THIS WILL NOT BE A RED FANG NOR A KUNZ SHOW but both bands together playing the shit written during the residency!!!!

The prospect of even more guests makes this sound even more interesting, so time to do your homework and check out those Coilguns, ØLTEN and Kunz records in preparation — expect plenty of fuzz.

– DL


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