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And So I Watch You From Afar are the metalhead’s post-rock band. That’s a statement I happily stand by. Although they may be sugar-coated and entirely upbeat in their execution, underneath it all there’s a deep vein running through it that adheres to all the genre standards: huge riffs, confident musicianship and an atmosphere that demands your attention rather than slowly seducing you like other post-rock bands do. It’s also one of the reasons their live show is so utterly captivating and why I was completely dumbstruck in awe following their appearance at Damnation Fest a few years back, but if you’ve never had the chance to catch them then you’ll want to check out this studio session that the band recently recorded with Audiotree.

And So I Watch You From Afar – Audiotree Live from Audiotree Live on Vimeo.

Beyond the music, which is naturally amazing, I really like the format here. From what I can gather, Audiotree invites bands to do these sessions/interviews, put together the sort high quality video and audio you see above and then sells it for a few dollars — maybe it’s not a huge sector of people that really get off on these studio sessions, but I’d love to see a more metal-centric one, we have Live At The Maida Vale through the BBC Rock Show (Baroness recently recorded an EP there) but that’s audio only. Can you imagine how great it would be to see Spawn Of Possession/Pig Destroyer/Wormed tearing through tracks? Could be a good way for studios to pump in a little extra cash in between booked studio time? I don’t really know, food for thought though.


Regardless, if you haven’t checked out All Hail Bright Futures yet, then you’re a terrible person and you hate fun. Seriously.


– DL


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