I know next to nothing about fashion; my closet is filled with jeans, black shirts, and assorted plaid-pattered long-sleeve button ups with the sleeves pre-rolled to the elbows. In my teenage years, I did have a brief fling with skate shoes — Zoo York, Vans, what have you — but I found out that the flat-footed shoes offer no arch support and trading for tennis shoes made my feet ache vanish almost overnight. Go figure.

I’ve never owned any Converse shoes before though, as I’m not a fan of high-tops. I do appreciate what the company does for music and I recognize its place in our culture, but I’ve never really had a reason to be all that interested in the product before. However, I might just purchase a pair from the new Black Sabbath/Converse collaboration line, because they look phenomenal.

You can check out the four promo images from the line below, courtesy of Cvlt Nation:





My personal favorites are the Paranoid and Black Sabbath covers. They can be picked up at the official Converse site for $60 a pop. Not too shabby!

– JR


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