alcest - shelter

There’s a lot of floaty adjectives you could use to describe post-black metal progenitors Alcest, like nostalgic and dreamy. These descriptors get more apt with every release, as founder and songwriter Neige felt his longing intentions were lost in the flurry of black metal in their early releases. Anyone could have seen Alcest transforming to dream-pop and post-rock from a mile away, and the transformation is complete on the group’s new album Shelter, as we’ve already heard with first single ‘Opale.’

A second track from Shelter titled ‘Délivrance‘ has been made available over our holiday off, and it might as well be a cut off of a Sigur Ros album, with droning guitars, symphonic strings, and massive vocal harmonies taking listeners through a magical 10-minute journey. Check it out below:


I don’t think I’m going to even miss the black metal if the songs are this great, to be honest. I’m just glad to see the band are still interested in writing songs like ‘Sur L’Océan Couleur De Fer.’ Chilling music!

Shelter will be out January 21st through Prophecy Productions

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