uneven structure 2012

Uneven Structure, as well as being masters of crafting huge and atmospheric Meshuggah-ian riffs and creating some of the most beautiful music videos around, are massive cockteases. There’s no other way to say it. I’m counting this as the third time we’ve heard snippets of new music from the band, but it’s hard to be annoyed when they sound this promising — the latest tease comes in the form of a two and a half minute long video that shows off groove, delicate atmospheres and even some blastbeats throughout. See for yourself:


In a way, I’m glad they’re taking their time with this record. With the current state of things where it’s becoming more and more popular to hate this style of music, it’s going to take something truly great to keep the naysayers quiet and I think, out of all them, Uneven Structure are on track to do it. Hell, if the record is half as good as these samples suggest, they’ll do it.

– DL


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