Newsblast – First 10 Bands Confirmed for Euroblast


This year marks the tenth year of Euroblast festival in Cologne, Germany. The festival has been delivering an impressive lineup for a decade now, with last year marking a decided increase in both quality and quantity. Bands like Meshuggah, The Ocean and Monuments made this festival the main pilgrimage site for fans of progressive, djenty music from all across the world. Word is the festival itself is pretty sweet, with a sizable market and good logistics in the campsite and around.

This year, it does not seem the good people of Euroblast are slowing down. Today, the announced via their Facebook page the first 10 bands to play this year. With names like Chimp Spanner, Vildhjarta and Misery Signals gracing the list, Euroblast is continuing the push forwards that last year signified. Stay tuned to their various channels for the full reveal. Will we be seeing any of you there? There’s a good chance some of us might brave the cold of Germany for a setlist such as this.


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