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The Misanthrope
These are my favorite kind of posts. We hear so much music now-days, what with the internet thingamajig the kids are raving about, and it’s quite hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. So, when we’ve already done the separating we like to share it with you, our readers, and save you some time. Please do the same! That being said, check out some wheat: The Misanthrope is the solo project of a man known as Jim Cook and it’s blistering, organic tech/math metal. I’ll shut up now and you’ll go after the jump to listen to These Tunnels Are Alive, featuring some killer vocals by Paul Maconko.

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meshuggah tour 2014

Meshuggah’s 25th anniversary tour with Between The Buried and Me brought out thousands of prog fans around the country to an otherwise comparatively short run of dates. It’s not hard to imagine how a package like this can succeed, with the tour wrapping up with a sold out show at Best Buy Theater in New York City. Photographer Maclyn Bean attended that final date of the tour, and also captured a BTBAM headline show in Philadelphia at the Theater of the Living Arts two days later. You can catch photos from both gigs after the jump.

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Rivers Of Nihil have taken the metal world by storm with their debut full-length The Conscious Seed Of Light, which came out last year. They have ascended the ranks, going from a relatively underground band to being known as the next great thing in death metal music. I caught up with Brody Uttley at their Fort Lauderdale stop on their tour with Whitechapel, Devildriver, Carnifex, Revocation, and Fit For An Autopsy, to chat about getting naked, the new album, and why St. Louis is horrible for touring bands.

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Fans of extreme metal in all of its various forms are crying out for innovation. While there is an abundance of great records that have seen the light of day already this year, far too many of them have been just a little bit too “safe”. 2014 has already seen some stellar offerings from Son Of Aurelius and Pyrrhon that have rewritten the rules of their relevant genres and with Truth Knowledge Vision, the gentlemen that name themselves Torrential Downpour have thrown out the rule book completely. This band are so forward thinking that they must surely come from the future.

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Monuments – The Amanuensis


Ever facing delays and setbacks, Monuments’ debut album Gnosis barely missed the boat for the new wave of progressive groove metal — which guitarist John Browne helped form with Tesseract’s Acle Kahney with under-recognized djent progenitors Fellsilent — just as it began to oversaturate the market. Despite landing a critically favorable debut and a dedicated legion of fans, the group’s troubles weren’t soon over. During the Gnosis album cycle, vocalist Matt Rose left the band with dissent, slamming the door shut on further touring in support of the record. In turn, Browne & Co. didn’t make as much new ground as they should have given their pedigree. Now aided by Chris Barretto (ex-Periphery, Ever Forthright) on vocal duties, the group hopes to make up for lost time with their infectious sophomore album The Amanuensis.

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paul waggoner by nick budosh

Photo by Nick Budosh.

Audiences have never been larger or more receptive to the variety and power of progressive death metal and if you had to name the bands that were responsible for that, Meshuggah and Between the Buried and Me would have to be close to the top of that list.  Prog metal fans are getting a double dose of those bands with the current tour that has just kicked off in California.  Great New Metal’s Brian Shields sat down with BTBAM lead guitarist and co-founder Paul Waggoner after the second show on the tour in San Francisco to talk about the band’s past, its present, and its future.

As I sit with Paul Waggoner post-show in BTBAM’s cavernous green room downstairs at San Francisco’s Regency Center after enjoying some vegan cinnamon rolls, I note that the performance the band just finished is more diverse that their recent headlining tour playing Parallax II: The Future Sequence from beginning to end.

“Yeah, nothing pre-Colors,” Paul nods his head. “We’re doing a couple of songs off of Colors, I guess one off of Great Misdirect, and a couple of new ones as well.  2007-era BTBAM is the oldest we go but we’re trying to mix it up.

No “Naked by the Computer”, I kid him.

“You will probably never hear anything off of the self-titled, unless something weird happens, you’ll probably never hear that old stuff (live).”

Some of us love that old stuff, I insist.

“Yeah it has a special place in my heart as well but the reality is that most of our fans came on board with Colors or maybe Alaska so we have to cater to that, unfortunately.  We would like to play some old stuff but the fact of the matter is that most people have never heard it, don’t care, and don’t know what it is.”

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sectioned shudder
Edinburgh (the charming capital of my home nation) based metal acts Shudder and Sectioned have just released a 7 track split that you should be listening to right now. While Glasgow bands like Man Must Die and From Sorrow To Serenity represent death metal and groove, Scotland itself does not have many notable representatives of the kind of music that these two bands execute so well. These gents from the capital have exceeded my own personal expectations with this brief yet brutal listening experience. You can stream it in full right after the jump!

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btbam may june tour 2014

If you’re one of the many that thought Meshuggah‘s upcoming anniversary tour was much too short, then, well… there’s not much I can do for you there. However, support act Between the Buried and Me are filling out their tour dates during the season to include headlining dates with Trioscapes. Get dates below.

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Wow! What a bummer! The legendary Meshuggah have pulled out of their 25th Anniversary tour due to the fact that they simply can’t handle the pressure. Meshuggah released a statement on Facebook, so hit the cut to know more.

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meshuggah tour

To coincide with their festival appearances and celebrate their 25th anniversary together as a band, some tour dates have been quietly popping up that suggest Meshuggah will be embarking on a tour with Between the Buried and Me. As it turns out, a fully-fledged tour has been in the works and dates have just been announced.

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