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Meshuggah is a name that is guaranteed to instantly raise eyebrows from any of our readers. The band have been singular in the pursuit of their own unique sound, which has garnered them as many enemies as friends. However, they don’t seem to mind as they keep churning out their own unique melodies regardless. It now appears that we can expect another iteration in their long career in 2016, or at least so says drummer Tomas Haake in his recent studio update. Check it out after the jump!

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Hey! Listen To VOLA!


I love border crossings and I love finding out about new bands that come seemingly out of nowhere. So I was pretty excited when I first listened to VOLA‘s recent debut, Inmazes. What is this album like? This album is like if Meshuggah decided to cover Karnivool or if Opeth suddenly took a note from Caligula’s Horse. So yes, loads of vocals, djent influences on the guitars and an overall emotional capacity that is both fresh and intriguing. Head on over the jump right now for your first listen!

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If you’re still kickin’ yourself for passing up the nearest stop on the string of shows that was St. Catharines hardcore band Alexisonfire’s farewell tour back in 2012, we’ve got some pretty great news for you. If you’re among those who justified dishing out a little extra cash for a prized ticket to one of these dates, ‘cause hey, “it’s the last tour they’ll ever play!”, we’ve got some less than great news for you. Yesterday, not three years after calling ‘er quits, the band announced a reunion tour set to take place at a string of festivals over the course of summer 2015. Head on over the jump for the full details!

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Blossoming from a bedroom-born ode to Meshuggah‘s frenetic math-metal riffing into an ethereal-worshiping prog act as rich in emotion and texture as they are in rhythmic prowess, France’s Uneven Structure released what very well could be the best record to come out of the djent movement with their 2011 debut album Februus. In the near four years since its release, the album has remained a collective favorite among the staff at Heavy Blog, and an ache for a follow-up has reached an apex as the band nears its completion. Uneven Structure and their label Basick Records have graciously reached out to break the silence on their sophomore album, titled La Partition, which will finally see release in 2015.

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Devin Townsend Fredrick Morgan

It’s no secret that Morgan Agren is one of the most absurdly talented drummers out there right now, but it may be lesser-known that he just released his debut solo record entitled Batterie Deluxe. While Agren may be known best for his work in the dizzying 1997 album Sol Niger Within by Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects, this new record is closer to the schizophrenic tendencies of electronic acts like Aphex Twin. The whole album is streaming now, so check it out below! View Full Article »

nile tour 2015

Nuclear Blast Records definitely stirred up quite a bit of excitement last week when they announced that 2015 would see new releases from tons of their roster’s heavy-hitters, including Slayer, Meshuggah, Testament, Immolation and Nile. Now with the promise of a new album from the South Carolina-native death metal band, Nile have also just revealed yesterday that they’re planning on touring Europe with Suffocation this fall!

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On January 10th, 2015, progressive metal heavyweights Periphery came to Carrboro, NC to play at Cat’s Cradle in support of their upcoming double-album, Juggernaut: Alpha & Omega. This was the first date of their tour with support from Nothing More, Wovenwar, and Thank You Scientist, and was also the first time the band has begun performing new material like “The Bad Thing,” “The Scourge,” “Alpha,” and more. I got a chance to speak with the three guitarists of the band, Misha Mansoor, Mark Holcomb and Jake Bowen about the structuring of the album, the politics of picking tours, how album reviews should be done, and much more!

So this is the first night of touring in support of your new album Juggernaut, which I’m really hyped on after hearing it a bunch over the past week. Didn’t the album start off as a story and then the music came with it?

Misha: It’s all kind of together. Juggernaut to us was just the idea to do a concept, and it’s been many things throughout the years. At one point in time it was going to be our first album. “Icarus [Lives!]” was supposed to be on Juggernaut, and there were a bunch of themes going with that initially. It was this hyped thing, but I think we all got in a room after Clear and when we were touring. We were talking about what we envisioned it to be. I think we all were saying we want dark, epic, theatrical, ambient…that kind of stuff, which was a very different vibe from Periphery II. That was more notey and upbeat and playful.

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Sylosis – Dormant Heart

sylosis dormant heart

Every once in a blood moon a band comes along who stands on the shoulders of giants, embracing the traditional metal foundation built by bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica while  infusing a modern and original approach in style, content, and production values. Mastodon comes to mind, whose simpler riffs and classic flair would come off as derivative and boring in the context of any other band. There’s an intangible aura about them that gives their songs and aesthetic a limitless appeal. Gojira and Meshuggah both follow suit in their own way, dripping with an “it” factor; a charisma that cannot be taught. Enter the UK’s Sylosis, a band carving their niche into the annals of metal history with each successive album, slowly and patiently honing their craft with surgical precision. Their latest effort, Dormant Heart picks up right where Monolith left off, albeit with a more dynamic, concise, and exacting vision.

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Clément Belio – Contrast


Open minds/personal pronouns alert. Confession time: I’ve been trying to review this album for months. If you’ve been following the blog this year, you know that I have a pretty good turn around rate for reviews. However, this one has just haunted me in the best kind of way. What is Contrast by Clément Belio? It is a practice in imitation as inspiration. It is the essence of eclecticism. It is bewildering, delighting, decentralized and insane. By the composer’s own words, it is a patchwork of everything he loves in music, thrown into the melting pot of his brain. And so, I’ve waited for months for this to coalesce into a review. This is my feeble attempt at finally jotting it down.

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In 2009, my life changed irrevocably as me and three other good friends headed for Hellfest and then Graspop. It was my initiation into the international metal community and my first time in a large, European festival. The sheer number of bands I discovered that year is astronomical: Clutch, Electric Wizard, The Black Dahlia Murder and Down to name a few. I also so some bigger names perform live and had a thoroughly good time. Hellfest has a great location, great facilities and an all around endearing attitude. There have been some voices over the past few years claiming that the festival has since multiplied and has lost a lot of its charm. I don’t know about that. I do know about lineups. Head on over the jump to witness the majesty for yourself.

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