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btbam may june tour 2014

If you’re one of the many that thought Meshuggah‘s upcoming anniversary tour was much too short, then, well… there’s not much I can do for you there. However, support act Between the Buried and Me are filling out their tour dates during the season to include headlining dates with Trioscapes. Get dates below.

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Wow! What a bummer! The legendary Meshuggah have pulled out of their 25th Anniversary tour due to the fact that they simply can’t handle the pressure. Meshuggah released a statement on Facebook, so hit the cut to know more.

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meshuggah tour

To coincide with their festival appearances and celebrate their 25th anniversary together as a band, some tour dates have been quietly popping up that suggest Meshuggah will be embarking on a tour with Between the Buried and Me. As it turns out, a fully-fledged tour has been in the works and dates have just been announced.

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This is the year of Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal. With At the Gates, one of the founders of the genre, announcing both an album and a tour, fans are already frothing at the lip with expectation. It now appears that more good news is coming our way: Solution .45, the guitar driven, melodic death super group, have recently announced that they will be releasing not one but two albums this year.

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A little while back, I told you guys about a band named Herod who are making a huge racket over in Switzerland right now. At the time, we only had a small teaser of music, but now the band have returned with a brand new video for ‘We Are  The Failure‘, a monolithic and churning mass of lumbering riffs that sways and twists. Climb the colossi below:

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Mechanigod – Realms



01. Opposite Poles
02. I Shall Remain
03. The Serpent`s Greed
04. SilverHaze
05. Reflected Dialogs
06. Mirror`s Aspect
07. The Toque Addarum
08. Beyond Realms of Reality Part 1
09. Beyond Realms of Reality Part 2
10. Silent State of Mind


Israel. Not a name that is usually associated with metal. However, despite being a small country with a disparate and often ignored audience, Israel’s metal scene is alive and kicking. The past few years have seen a slow ascent of Israeli names in the global market, with bands like Hammercult (opening for Sepultura on their tour), and Orphaned Land and The Fading being regular names in the rosters. Big names have also been frequenting the country, with acts such as Opeth, Steven Wilson, Destruction, Gojira, Meshuggah and others making the long trek to play for the local crowds.

What does this have to do with Mechanigod? Well, they’re from Israel. Not only are they from Israel, they’re young and represent the burgeoning hope placed by the scene on fresh, new voices. The biggest challenge is to experiment in a small audience, since success is precarious and dependent on sudden shifts in fashion. Mechanigod have the perfect answer: a solid, well-produced, debut album that takes local trends and turns them up to eleven. Mixing faster, iconic riffs with catchy breakdowns that hint at the local groove metal scene, Realms is an accessible, crisp jewel of aggression.

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A Sense of Gravity – Travail

A-Sense-of-Gravity-TravailA Sense of Gravity


01. Wraith
02. Stormborn
03. Breakthrough
04. Answers Lost
05. Trichotillomania
06. Harbinger
07. Above the Horizon
08. Ration Reality
09. Weaving Memories
10. Spectre

[Self Release]

Sometimes, you need to chase down your own name. Innovators become bogged down in their own sound, eventually becoming iterations of themselves. Sometimes, a fresh new voice is needed to break the patterns that former radicals have grown comfortable with. This is what A Sense of Gravity bring to the table. Their clean-slate name allows them to bring progressive metal something it has craved for years: organic, dynamic sound that simply flows from place to place. Travail sounds like a living thing: birthed in one sitting and obedient to its own internal laws and patterns.

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Just a few days prior to making the journey to Australia to play at the Soundwave festival, deathcore heavyweights Whitechapel were forced to cancel their trip after the unfortunate passing of an immediate family member, and our heartfelt condolences go out to the band at this sad and difficult time.

However, with their latest album nearly ready for release and a crowd funded DVD in the works, 2014 is set to be a big year for the band, about which and more I recently caught up with guitarist Alex Wade for a chat.

G’day Alex, this is Geoff from Heavy Blog Is Heavy.  How are you doing?

Hey I’m good man.  How are you?

Not too bad.  Thanks for taking my call today.

No problem at all.

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The Mire – Glass Cathedrals

the mire glass cathedralsThe Mire

Glass Cathedrals

01. Penance
02. False Idol
03. Trance Monolith
04. Triple Gemini
05. Dark Sun
06. Glass Cathedrals
07. Embers
08. Pale Heart
09. Black Waltz
10. Stone Devils

[Self Released]

Post-metal and sludge as we know it are generally associated with meandering and complicated song structures, ever evolving in tone and atmosphere with little in the way with repeating segments. That was until 2009, when Brighton, UK based group The Mire — who were born out of the brief dissolution of Bossk — took the genre’s melancholic atmosphere and massive riffs and made them work in the context of condensed pop-inspired song structures and vocal hooks with their EP Volume I, beating The Ocean‘s 2010 game-changer Heliocentric to the punch. 4-minute tracks with cleanly-sung refrains were nearly unheard of in the genre, and to no surprise, the formula works; The Mire strive to bring emotion, soul, and immediacy into a genre that has all the potential to be deeply resonant with not just the mind, but the heart as well.

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This year marks the tenth year of Euroblast festival in Cologne, Germany. The festival has been delivering an impressive lineup for a decade now, with last year marking a decided increase in both quality and quantity. Bands like Meshuggah, The Ocean and Monuments made this festival the main pilgrimage site for fans of progressive, djenty music from all across the world. Word is the festival itself is pretty sweet, with a sizable market and good logistics in the campsite and around.

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