Skinless – Only The Ruthless Remain

Skinless - Only the Ruthless Remain - review

Nearly a decade after releasing their last full length, Skinless are back with seven tracks of death metal that don’t suck. After such a long delay between releases,  a band could be forgiven for trying to emulate what is hot in the death metal world right now; not the case here. Skinless have neglected to shoe themselves in with the cool kids, instead relying on what made them so popular a decade ago. Only The Ruthless Remain is ruthless indeed, and has the band playing some ferocious, undeniably oppressive death metal. Where they lose their way a touch is in their reliance on certain crutches, musically speaking.

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PHOTOS: Psychostick, Downtown Brown, URIZEN, Game Genie, Alibi Untold—May 13th, 2015 @ Mojoe’s, Joliet, IL


Tempe, Arizona’s mighty and hilarious Psychostick were proud to wrap up a second leg in honor of their 2014 album Revenge of the Vengeance. With their friends in Detroit rock/funk/metal outfit Downtown Brown and the super theatrical URIZEN from Fort Worth, Texas, the bands have been blazing a path across the country only to end in Rockford, IL. A few days prior, however, we caught the three monumental acts on stage at Joliet’s Mojoe’s alongside local acts Alibi Untold and the video game-themed (obviously) Game Genie.

Really strong sets from everyone, but you can catch the pictures below!

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“Drummer” Weakest Link in Fan Footage of First Official Agoraphobic Nosebleed Show at MDF


Maryland Deathfest has proven itself to be the greatest North American extreme metal festival year after year, with a consistently stellar lineup complete with a multitude of exclusive performances from disbanded, foreign or typically non-touring acts. This year was no different, as Agoraphobic Nosebleed appeared onstage for their first ever live-performance, of which their is fan-footage available. However, despite the solid video quality and overall great performance, there is something missing – literally – from the band’s debut concert. Watch the videos and read more after the jump:

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Xibalba Release Video For “Guerrilla”

California’s purveyors of hardcore death sludge Xibalba have released a video for ‘Guerrilla’, the second track from Tierra Y Libertad, which was released this past January via Southern Lord Records. The video comes exclusively from the folks over at Lambgoat, and was directed, shot, and edited by Shawn Skadburg and Matt Welch for Nine One Films. Check it out after the jump!

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Feared Streaming New Album “Synder”

Melodeath fans rejoice! Swedish band Feared are streaming their fifth album, Synder, in full. First, a confession – outside of lead guitarist Ola Englund‘s YouTube exploits, I am not particularly familiar with Feared’s back catalog, if at all really. On first listen, however, the clean guitar passage that composes Synder‘s first few seconds belies the unrelenting assault that is to come – indeed, the album leaves little breathing room save for a short piano interlude halfway through. Check it out after the jump!

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Dragged Into Sunlight Complete Collaborative Record With Gnaw Their Tongues


For those unfamiliar, UK’s Dragged into Sunlight embody the deepest misanthropic spite and chaos anyone could hope for out of the metal underground. We’ve been following the black metal act for years, and I’ve had the privilege of seeing the act perform at Maryland Deathfest 2012, where they performed most of their set facing away from the audience to candlelight and strobes before turning around for a vicious finale. They remain as one of the most intense live acts I’ve ever seen, and their music naturally reflects this nature.

Later that year after their MDF performance, the band released their sophomore record Widowmaker, which widened the band’s scope into dark cinematic territories. Since then, the band have been an active live act, but have been relatively quiet on the new-material front. At long last, it looks like we’ll be getting new recordings from Dragged into Sunlight in 2015, and it’ll be a collaborative record with Dutch drone/black metal act Gnaw Their Tongues.

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Summer Slaughter 2015 – The Most Divisive & Predictable Tour of the Year

Summer Slaughter 2015

Summer Slaughter Tour has succeeded at both enlisting some of the biggest names in death metal and its off-shoot genres as well as conjure a flurry of quarreling comments about whether the lineup adheres to what its “Most Extreme Tour of the Year” tagline implies. Yet, what is often undiscussed is how generally predictable Summer Slaughter has become, both in its lineups and the arguments surrounding them. Look for a breakdown of this year’s Summer Slaughter lineup and a commentary on the tour as a whole after the jump:

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Steve Von Till – A Life Unto Itself



Verbs are very useful when describing albums. Adjectives tend to slip faster into hyperbole and there’s something about the dynamics of doing that relates to music very well. So, when one turns to an album, it might serve to consider now what the album sounds like but what actions it calls to mind. With Steve Von Till‘s A Life Unto Itself, the semantic field is clear: scraping, digging, distilling, excavating. Reaching into some sort of core that has always been present in von Till’s illustrious career and bringing it to light.

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Klone – Here Comes the Sun


It seems easy when listening to new music to focus one’s attention entirely on the instrumental aspect of it and how the musicians are actually performing. Yet this mental trap more often than not puts the vocals in the background. Of course when one is mostly concerned with the albums coming out of the murky underbelly of brutal and extreme metal, where the majority of vocals don’t really do much to set themselves apart, it’s almost second nature to disregard the vocals. But when attempting to digest something that can barely be even considered metal like the works of Klone, the approach has to change quite a bit to allow a measure of fairness in the evaluation.

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PREMIERE: Slice The Cake Takes You To “The City Of Destruction”


I need to start this off by saying something personal. I feel so, so blessed that I am one of those whom work for Heavy Blog and have the ability to bring so much information, especially new music, to the readers of our site. And today, courtesy of three-man progressive death metal/deathcore band Slice The Cake, I have the pleasure of bringing you yet another new piece of music. This one is a doozy, too. Check it out.

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