Hey! Listen to I, Of Helix!

California metalcore outfit I, Of Helix should be a lot bigger than they are. Perhaps its distance between records that has fueled their relative obscurity, but regardless of reason it’s a damn shame. The band present all of the individual elements that make metalcore worth listening to. Their debut, Isolation, was a welcome jolt to the system, combining digestible technicality with plenty of aggressive riffs to bang your head right off to. Their sophomore release, Conditions, follows this same trajectory, only with more depth and conviction. This is without question the most entertaining and moving metalcore record I’ve heard this…

Soundtracks for the Blind // Jan Jelinek – Zwischen

Like the seminal Swans album, this column contains an eclectic collection of experimental music recommendations, all of which provide sonic landscapes for the listener to lose themselves within. Expect offerings from the genres of ambient, drone, electroacoustic, free improvisation, post-minimalism and more. … There’s nothing quite like being surprised by a surprise. First, you’re surprised by the unexpected surprise, then you’re surprised by what you didn’t expect to expect. Or something like that. Anyway… Not a week after I first listened to Jan Jelinek’s seminal debut Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records, my friend happened to see the album playing on my Spotify page and asked if I…

130 – No Acoustic Drums Allowed

You may be shocked to learn that this episode being late isn’t actually my fault. Anyway, regular co-host Cody joins me this week to discuss literally nothing. Memes are real: Weezer covered Toto’s “Africa”. New stuff from Chthe’ilist, Defeated Sanity, Obscura and Hoth. Then we do a cool people section on Cody starting to play bass (plus some useless tips for me about learning bass), Hereditary, Hollow Knight, God of War (extended spoilery discussion) and Ocean’s 8. Enjoy!

Unmetal Monday // 6/18/2018

There’s a lot happening in the music world, and we here at Heavy Blog try our very best to keep up with it! Like the vast majority of heavy music fans, our tastes are incredibly vast, with our 3X3s in each Playlist Update typically covering numerous genres and sometimes a different style in each square. While we have occasionally covered non-metal topics in past blog posts, we decided that a dedicated column was warranted in order to more completely recommend all of the music that we have been listening to. Unmetal Monday is a bi-weekly column which covers noteworthy tracks…

PREMIERE: Experimental Mathgrind Project The Sound That Ends Creation Gets Fucky With New Single “Fucky The Drunk Clown Only Comes Around During A Full Moon”

One of my most dearly missed niche phase of extreme music was that “weird” phase of mathcore that brought us stuff like The Red Chord, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Silent Circus era BTBAM, and the like? Wonky breakdowns, noodly guitar tech, and brutality that flirted with death metal and grindcore was the sound of a certain kind of person’s MySpace playlist circa 2005.