PREMIERE: Experimental Mathgrind Project The Sound That Ends Creation Gets Fucky With New Single “Fucky The Drunk Clown Only Comes Around During A Full Moon”

One of my most dearly missed niche phase of extreme music was that “weird” phase of mathcore that brought us stuff like The Red Chord, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Silent Circus era BTBAM, and the like? Wonky breakdowns, noodly guitar tech, and brutality that flirted with death metal and grindcore was the sound of a certain kind of person’s MySpace playlist circa 2005. 

Kvlt Kolvmn // May 2018

Hello, friends. Welcome once more to Kvlt Kolvmn. Another month, another helping of fantastic black metal. May was a veritable smorgasbord of the good stuff, but also deftly displayed the variety in theme, style, and execution that makes black metal just the very best. A quick peek below at this month’s picks will give you ample opportunity to discover this diversity for yourself. And please do. This shit deserves to be heard and savored.  As usual, Scott is here with me to share with you our favorites from last month. So wrap yourself in the icy arms of eternal winter…

Nervosa – Downfall of Mankind

Some people strongly bemoan the downfall of thrash metal. Once it was the juggernaut of the underground scene, but it quickly rose and fell in terms of its popularity and domination in metal culture. It simply could not keep up with the extreme lengths of its brother, death metal. It rose too quickly and fell just the same. However, we should not sit around sad! Let us not wallow in misery and forlorn! Let’s instead look to the horizon, raise the horns, and jump in the mosh with Nervosa. For the uninitiated, Nervosa is a three-piece all-female thrash band from…

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Let’s Take a Trip to Maeth’s “Whaling Village”

Maeth’s Shrouded Mountain, released in 2016, was an excellent addition to the progressive doom milieu. It wove drippy guitars, overladen with distortion and overdrive, amazing flute segments and ambitious track and album structures into one bewildering whole. This is why it is my very distinct pleasure to premiere their next album today. It goes by the name of Whaling Village and is comprised of three incredible tracks which further cement Maeth as one of the more important voices in this mini-scene of progressive doom metal. This release doubles down on their sound, handing us a more refined and yet, somehow heavier and more oppressive, version of the Maeth sound. It is contradiction all but also harmonious and melodic in heart wrenching ways.

YOB – Our Raw Heart

Dear reader, I am going to be straightforward and brutally honest with you: objectivity will fail you. There may be times when you feel as though you can truly step back and objectively appraise a work of art; there may be times where you are certain that your opinion on something is the best and most correct one. But there comes a time when you have to understand that you will fail at being objective. That critical faculty you’ve developed, that understanding of taste honed through a lifetime of experience and a depth of knowledge few can match, it will leave you in the…