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Hadal Maw – Senium


Atmosphere is key in many genres of music and in metal specifically. At the end of the day, there’s only so much emotional weight that your instruments can generate based on established tools, even with the endless variations available to the modern artist. Where albums truly rise above the norm is in the spaces between those compositions, in the way the entire thing comes together as a whole. One could cite The Ocean‘s Pelgial or Gojira‘s From Mars to Sirius and one would do well to do so in this context. Hadal Maw‘s Senium definitely draws on those two albums to create a monolith: a towering pillar of death metal and atmosphere that swallows the listener whole.

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Uneven Structure Tease New Music

uneven structure the scent

French progressive metal band Uneven Structure released one of my favorite albums of all time in 2011. Februus is a back to front masterpiece, taking the Meshuggah-lead djent movement and pushing it into the ethereal with cinematic soundscapes and an overall sense of wonder and passion. To me, the record is perfect, which is why three years feels like an eternity when it comes to waiting on a follow-up. The guys in Uneven Structure understand this, and they’ve been kind enough to hand us a scrap of new music in the form of a guitar playthrough of a 20-second segment of a new song, ‘The Scent.’

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Canadian tech/prog death up-and-comers Beyond Creation are on the fast track to universal adoration from the metal community — if only more people heard of them! Their debut album The Aura was one of the greatest albums from 2011, and in my opinion, the best death metal album we heard the whole year. Initially self-released, the band quickly got snatched up by Season of Mist for the album’s re-release and an impending sophomore album.

At long last, the first new track from the group has been made available in the form of ‘Elusive Reverence,’ and it’s everything you would have hoped for.

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Within the Ruins – Phenomena

within the ruins

It was only a year ago that Within the Ruins released their junior album Elite, which was by far their most divisive work yet. Fans either loved the cut up riffing and b0unce that the album brought to the table, or they thought that the band could have focused more on the technical writing that brought them to prominence in the first place, courtesy of Invade. Now, we have Phenomena, which could very well be the cross between the gimmick/effect driven sound of Elite and the driving technical flare of Invade.

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Xerath Give Us A Peak Into The Making Of III

The UK’s finest symphonic metal export Xerath have just unleashed a short documentary on their YouTube channel, detailing the recording process of their third effort for Candlelight Records, Xerath III. This is the third video in the campaign for the album; the first being the announcement of new guitarist Conor McGouran and the second being a teaser announcing the release date of Xerath III, to be released September 15 in Europe and September 16 in the US. Check it out after the jump!

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The whole idea of a record review is that an educated listener takes an unbiased listen to a new piece of music and provides his or her fair assessment of it.  So let’s not call this a record review but rather a commentary.  My Heavy Blog is Heavy colleague and editor Jimmy Rowe did a “real” review of “The Flesh Prevails” which you can find here

That’s because anyone familiar with me and my long relationship with Fallujah knows that I am hardly unbiased.  I have been privileged over the last several years to get to know all of these gentlemen personally.  My name is in the liner notes of both “The Harvest Wombs” and the new album “The Flesh Prevails.”  I say this not to pat myself on the back but rather to acknowledge what you’re probably thinking, “What the hell did you expect Shields to say about this record other than it’s great?”

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Image credit: Caught in the Carousel

Puscifer and Primus drummer Tim Alexander suffered a heart attack last week and had to have surgery in order to rectify the problem.

We’re happy to announce that Tim has had a successful surgery and is on his way to recovery!

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SubRosa Tour
We will never again miss a release by SubRosa. The band’s intense fusion of sludge, stoner and violins has pierced many a heart within our staff, marking their 2013 More Constant Than the Gods as one of the best releases of that year. To hear that they have teamed up with blog-favorites The Atlas Moth and the enigmatic Boris then is a joy to the heart, and if you look closely you might find some of our staff in one of these shows. Buy them a beer, if you can. Anyway, the band  has recently uploaded a hand drawn poster for the tour, made by their violinist Sarah Pendleton. Check it out after the jump!

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Hey! Listen to Eidola!

Do you sometimes wish that The Mars Volta hadn’t gone completely off the deep end? Do you find you crave that heady mix of blues, rock and metal? Is Stolas‘s Living Creatures worn out from replays? Look no further than Eidola for your math rock with a tinge of the blues, swing with a few screams thrown in or just general aural insanity. Mixing all these elements, the band’s The Great Glass Elephant is a demanding listen, but one which rewards the avid listener. You can listen to the whole thing right here after the jump!

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Sleep - clarity

Sometimes it’s easy to forget or overlook things regardless of how monumentally important they are. Case in point: we’re roughly four days late in covering the first new Sleep song in about a decade, ‘The Clarity.’ Prepare your paraphernalia.

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