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Ladies and gentlemen, dear readers of all sorts! What you have before you is a singular text, written by the mighty William France, regular Heavy Blog contributor, photographer and all around great guy. He was very lucky to get the chance to be a driver for the Born of Osiris/After the Burial tour a few months ago. This editor must apologize for taking so long in getting this text to you but at last, it’s here, the very first part of William’s tour journal! This is chock full of glimpses into the downright weird life of touring, replete with substance abuse, music and adventure. Without further ado, I take you to William’s words, right after the jump. Make sure to bring spare clothes and stay tuned as these parts continue to be posted throughout the following week!

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There are so many bands plying their trade from coast to coast across every continent on this blue planet that it is common place for a hidden gem to slip by completely unnoticed. Thankfully, thanks to an article by our pals at Metal Injection, the guys in Aminals are getting some much deserved attention. Injection are guilty of bringing to my attention many of the bands I call my favorites. I still remember the first time I heard The Black Dahlia Murder, The Red Chord, Converge etc, all thanks to those lovely gentlemen. I will now also remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the eclectic hardcore of Aminals, which you can get right after the jump!

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Devil Sold His Soul - Unveiled

That pun was just too easy. Bad jokes aside, today we were graced with a brand new video from UK ambient post-hardcore outfit, Devil Sold His Soul. The video is a bit confusing, but if you’d like to see if you can make heads or tails of it, check it out after the jump.
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Our favorite purveyors of discordant madness Pyrrhon are back in the spotlight; this time in the form of a Gear Gods feature by guitarist Dylan DiLella on how to play the main riff of ‘Balkanized’ from their much-ballyhooed The Mother of Virtues. Head on over the jump to witness the madness first hand.

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I am extremely fond of my post-rock and post-metal. I’m a fan of post-anything (except the post office. Mail forwarding my ass). My god buddy and fellow contributor Eden sent me a message of the new single by Mountains Under Oceans, ‘We Built Our Castles On Moving Sand’, and after letting it sit waiting to be played for a few hours, gave it a spin. It’s definitely worth your time. The four piece instrumental act from Glasgow pack a big punch in this new single, and it’s exciting for me because now I have another great new band to go and listen to. Stream the new single after the jump!

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Gone girl soundtrack

David Fincher’s latest film Gone Girl, starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, hits theaters this Friday, October 3rd. Ahead of its release, NPR are streaming the entire soundtrack scored by Academy Award winning composers and Nine Inch Nails/How To Destroy Angels collaborators Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross. The film’s dark and brooding subject matter is matched with the duo’s patented minimalistic industrial soundscapes as well as their first ever use of live orchestra. If you’re in the mood for tense atmosphere fit for domestic violence and murder mystery (seriously, read the novel), check the stream courtesy of NPR.

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TesseracT Sign With Kscope And That Should Make Us Happy

Kscope are my favorite label. Besides housing some of my favorite artists, including The Pineapple Thief, Steven Wilson, Gavin Harrison and Lunatic Soul, they are also well known for their personalized and high end releases. Each album art is lovingly crafted, all releases come with a mini-site, music video and many more goodies. And so, I was thrilled to hear that one of my favorite bands, TesseracT have signed on with the label! Head on over the jump to glimsp the release.

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Dark Fortress – Venereal Dawn

Despite the fact that Venereal Dawn is Dark Fortress’ seventh album, the listening experience that these Germans provide is not remotely indicative of that. It is instead made to appear as if the band is a young, ambitious group for whom a large dose of Ritalin would have been beneficial during their time in the studio. For across Venereal Dawn’s nine tracks, a clear lack of musical focus and ideas leads to an album that desperately wishes to dazzle with a variety of sounds without being entirely competent in doing so.

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You may have already seen our reviews for the two discs of the Devin Townsend Project‘s excellent Z2Sky Blue and Dark Matters, but what you may not have seen is the first webisode of our favorite 4th dimensional guitar hero’s very own show ZTV! The first of the three webisodes debuted through the brand new website for Z2. Prepare for assimilation after the jump!

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Watch Earth Scorch Through Full Live Set

Earth at Saint Vitus

Lords of drone and doom Earth are currently in the middle of a US tour in support of their superb latest release Primitive and Deadly, which will very likely wind up in AOTY lists of a bunch of our staff. Fortunately one of those stops was at Brooklyn’s finest, Saint Vitus, which means that Nick Cusworth was on hand to capture it in all of his usual multi-camera glory. Check out the entire set (yes, that’s right!) after the jump. Read the rest of this story »

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