Doomsday // April 2018

Greetings, heaviest of Heavy Bloggers! Welcome to Doomsday, our monthly roundup of some of the most noteworthy releases in the doom world released over the past month. April was a true sleeper month for doom as some of the most titanic releases were saved for the month’s back half. Who knows? Maybe there was even a surprise release last week you heard about perhaps? With this much to bang our heads to, we better get straight to it. Enough chatter! Grab your earplugs, it’s doomsday.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Get Ready To Crymosh With Crowning and Swallows Nest

There are several War and Peaces worth of words strewn about the internet in blogs and interviews and Facebook comments about how misused the term “screamo” has become in our century. Its birth as a term can be traced back to the 1990’s, when, as it was until the mid-2000’s, it meant a subgenre of hardcore punk that borrowed liberally from the meandering, depressed sound of post-hardcore to form a style that was as lyrically inclined to existential rumination as it was to mosh calls. The term, though, began to be applied with greater and greater abandon to any sort of…

Hey! Listen to The Family Crest!

Honestly, I can’t believe we’re only just running this post; there’s so much about The Family Crest that has appeal for plenty of people on our staff. Basically, imagine a version of The Dear Hunter that emphasis the orchestral elements of their sound and is also 100% more melodramatic, infectiously optimistic and grandiose. I know, right? But that’s exactly what The Family Crest are and the end result is an album that’s sweepingly beautiful, all grand gestures, big, big lines and the sort of bright outlook on life that’s hard to resist. Head on down below for your first giddy taste!

The Celtic Connection – Get Your Prefix

Since the last Celtic Connect, we’ve been snowed in up to our necks, endured some questionable governing on every side of the border, we’ve even had a Christmas since the last blast of Scots and Irish tunes – how was yours? Shite, aye? Nevermind, it’s almost time for the three days of summer we get in these parts so it’s high time for some dirty, down low delights from the North and the Emerald Isle. There’s a suitably ‘core feeling on this one, with metal, hard, sadboi, and Cork prefixes on these Celtic offerings. Crack a can of ginger, pour…

123 – Oh, The Horror

Me and my regular co-host Cody get together this week to discuss a bunch of things. Periphery leaving Sumerian Records, new material from Deafheaven, Hoth, Bleeding Through, Wolvhammer and Homewrecker. Then we quickly let go of that boring “metal” stuff and start talking about horror movies. Some of our favorites, some interesting modern classics, some not so great ones, and the whole gamut. We just love horror. Finally, a few other cool things like Westworld and God of War. Enjoy!