After The Burial – Dig Deep

Given the circumstances, you probably couldn’t come up with a better title for After The Burial’s latest LP, Dig Deep. The band has had to deal with one of the most unimaginably awful sets of events within the scene in recent memory.  The untimely and heartbreaking death of guitarist Justin Lowe was as unexpected as it was tragic, and has still left plenty of unanswered questions in the minds of fans the world over. Unlike many of their contemporaries, After The Burial has also had one of the steadiest lineups and writing partnerships around, so losing such a key component…

A Collective Nod – Northwest Post Rock Collective

Out of the musical collectives we’ve already covered, the Northwest Post Rock Collective might be the most elusive. Online searches lead us to a few Facebook events and posters but not a page for the collective as a whole. However, they also show us that the group is alive and well, hosting shows and bands from their geographical area. It also goes to show that even the most ethereal and loose support network holds some worth and power for musicians of the style; its very existence does that. The bands that I was able to gather up for this post are probably not exhaustive of the collective’s works but they’re pretty damn good, so I hope they’re at least indicative.

ALIASES’ Derangeable Is Coming On April 15th (And So Am I)

Finally. Finally. ALIASES, the frontrunners for the UK’s progressive tech metal scene, are ready to release their sophomore album on April 15th, 2016 via Basick Records.

Derangeable clocks in at 47 ferocious minutes of weedlies and squeedlies, rife with tight rhythm sections, and a delectable combination of vocals, both harsh and clean. The album is sure to attract a lot of interest and attention from fans of the band or those looking for a tasty medley of musical engagements.

Watch Angel Vivaldi, Felipe Andreoli, and Xanthochroid Talk To A Sense of Gravity at NAMM 2016

On Tuesday we showed you our big NAMM montage video. On Wednesday we presented you our very special extended interview with Per Nilsson. And now we’ve got three more terrific interviews for you! Watch the guys from A Sense of Gravity interview three artists and bands, each doing amazing things in completely different areas of the metal spectrum. We’ve got guitarist and social media guru Angel Vivaldi, guitarist Felipe Andreoli of veteran Brazilian metal band Angra, and Sam Meador, Brent Vallefuoco, and Matthew Earl of California progressive black metal group Xanthochroid. Check out all the antics here!

Bloodiest – Bloodiest

Doom metal and post metal have often been genres that bring about mixed feelings. After all, when done well, both become instant favorites, earning a heavy amount of plays and more than justifying the massive amount of storage space they take up on either iPod or computer. However, for those bands that fail to truly explore the style to its maximum potential, the two genres can often drone on, feeling as if they are never going anywhere while also failing to sink their teeth into a more drone/ambient style to maintain interest. As such, it often leads a somewhat lopsided, awkward feeling when a post metal band is heard that sits right on that threshold; providing just enough of a hook to peak interest but continuously failing to bring it around full circle and keep a listener actively engaged. Such is the issue with Bloodiest’s newest offering and self titled album, Bloodiest. Despite the occasional hook and interesting riff, it ultimately fails to deliver, making it feel as if it is more of a task and test of commitment to finish than an overall captivating listening experience.

Watch Per Nilsson Get EGG-static Over Breakfast With A Sense Of Gravity In New Interview

Yesterday we launched our series of videos from NAMM 2016 helmed by A Sense of Gravity. Though our montage video highlighted some of the best moments from the band’s many interviews over that weekend, there was also an absolute wealth of footage that didn’t make it into there, which is why we’ll be releasing full interviews from the event through the rest of the week. The one we’re premiering today, however, is extra special.

Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry fame is known as an indomitable guitarist and all-around amazing musician/producer, but he’s also known for his humor and affable nature, particularly in interviews. We were extraordinarily fortunate to be able to connect with him over his trip to NAMM and set up a lengthy interview between him and the ASOG crew over breakfast at an IHOP. And so we happily present to you: Pancakes With Per!

Deep Dive: Cover Songs

As long as music is made, there will be cover versions of songs. It’s an inevitable part of life. Groups/solo artists will want to add some notoriety to their name by covering an already established artists hit song or they will want to pay tribute to an artist/song that they enjoy. Bands will definitely want to get a few easy hits on their cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’, while some will want to pay homage to the groups(s) that inspired them to make music for the world. However, before they hit that record button, they should ask themselves this question: Am I making a cover worth listening to?

What Happens When You Multiply Sludge By Math? Thefalls Happens

So we know that there is new Ion Dissonance on the horizon and this is a great thing because they bring the chaotic, probing assault of math metal like no other. There’s something else really fun happening now with an influx of really creative post-metal bands trying their hand at grim, sludge like sounds. I need not name names. As a big fan of crushing atmosphere and jarring chugs, I’ve often sat scratching my bald patch wondering whether these two styles could mesh and systematically implode brain cells with the power of music; you know the feeling, that moment where you hear something that leaves your mouth agape and your eyes glazed over. Well fuck me, Thefalls released an album that did this over a year ago.

Underling – Bloodworship

When it comes to experiencing new music, two things are certain: you can never judge a book by its cover, nor should you ever trust what the artists themselves say about their music until you’ve heard it for yourself. Underling — a Bay Area supergroup featuring members of Fallujah, Arkaik, and Battlecross — are proof enough of both of these rules, as their debut album Bloodworship looks like and is marketed as an atmospheric black metal record. Coming from a group of established death metal musicians, this should be somewhat of a departure on paper at the very least. However, when considering the record’s scope as a whole, Bloodworship is a far cry from the distant reverberations of Wolves in the Throne Room. It’s actually much more than that.