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Unearth Symbol

Metalcore legends Unearth have unleashed their brand new album Watchers of Rule upon the unsuspecting masses. To celebrate, guitarist Buz McGrath has posted a playthrough of ‘Guards of Contagion’ for us all to drool over. Check out the sick riffage after the jump.

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Godflesh – A World Lit Only By Fire


When the assertion is made that an artist’s newest effort demonstrates homage to their roots, it is typically met with at least a small shred of doubt, especially when the claim is aimed towards a more veteran act. This is due to the tantalizing concept of revisiting the “golden years” often having a difficult time fitting through the mold of the actual band in their current state. Godflesh’s reunion album A World Lit Only by Fire, the band’s first in over a decade, would seem to be a perfect example of this theory. For even forgetting the fact that Justin K. Broadrick’s work with Jesu bears little resemblance to Godflesh’s crushing debut Streetcleaner, none of the five albums that Broadrick and bandmate G.C. Green released after their introduction truly reiterated their initial sound either.

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Having just wrapped up another special tour with Thank You Scientist, Coheed and Cambria will take a short rest before making another trek to dazzle audiences around the world. For this latest escapade, the band took stages across North America to play the entirety of In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 in all of its glory and wrapped up most shows with encores of up to five or six songs.

Please bask in the photos below to either live or relive a fantastic performance from two monumental modern progressive acts.

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If you’ve been salivating anxiously to hear the new album from modern metal masters Machine Head like I have, then I have some good news for you. The band has released samples of all the tracks over at their official website, and they all sound great. Check out more info after the jump.

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What would you say if I told you drone legend Dylan Carlson of Earth and Kevin Martin did a track together? What if you could listen to it right now? Well, they did, and you can. It’s called Boa, and it’s a monumental, grinding industrial titan that delivers exactly what you’d expect from two musicians this prolific and legendary, while sounding fresh and exciting. Check it out after the jump!
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If you have been paying attention, Heavy Blog Is Heavy and myself in particular have been quite excited about the new Homewrecker record Circle Of Death. With the release date falling on Hallows Eve you can treat yourself early with all nine tracks of this furious album  which is streaming after the jump. Don’t waste a moment, no matter how behind you are in your spooky preparations!

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While the ambient pop rock mishap that was ‘Drown’ had a redeemable and catchy chorus, the newest track from the British poster children for neck tattoos is, without being too mean, a hulking big piece of excrement. If you have some time to kill and want to question how a band like Bring Me The Horizon can move so drastically from where they came from then check it out after the jump. If you don’t I won’t be offended. Read the rest of this story »

Miss Fortune Vocalist Domestic Violence

Yesterday, Sumerian Records took to Facebook to say that they were dropping Miss Fortune due to their vocalist being arrested and jailed on domestic assault charges. The band was on tour with The Word Alive, but had to drop from the remainder of the dates. Check out the aforementioned post from Sumerian after the jump, as well as what the band had to say about the issue.

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Giant Squid – Minoans


Post metal is a grandiose and ambitious genre. Even more so than its doom counter-parts, bands that operate in this genre rely on emotional weight and tone to relieve their music of repetitiveness and simple-minded heavy-just-to-be-heavy sound. To temper this type of emotional appeal, to make sure the album doesn’t simply fall into a series of epic passages, two main qualities are required of the artist: composition skills and cohesion. Giant Squid, a veteran band in the field of post metal and doom, lack no composition skill. However, their recent offering Minoans, does sadly fall short in the cohesion department.

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For old school thrash heads, Blood Feast is a band that needs little introduction. Having put issues aside and been together again as of 2007, it doesn’t seem that they’ll be slowing down for anything this time. Except maybe old age. With a new album on the way and a tour under their belt, Blood Feast took the stage in Chicago alongside the very theatrical The Lurking Corpses, Memphis punk thrashers Evil Army, and Cleveland scum threesome Nekrofilth.

Photos for your eyeballs below!

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