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cimmerianWe’re all busy in the Heavy Blog treehouse putting together our top ten lists for 2014. So imagine “my face when” I read that my surprise top five pick for Album of the Year suddenly breaks up. All is revealed after the jump.

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week-in-reviews-2Anytime our reviewers give a record a 4/5 or better score, you can bet it’s worth listening to. Well this week 4/5 of our reviews are at least 4/5 horns. Summaries of all 5/5 after the jump.

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decap1We’re happy to report that all of the members of Decapitated appear to be okay after a “serious van accident” while on the road in New Orleans. Details after the jump.

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Pianos Become The Teeth – Keep You


When a band changes their sound, it is usually to appeal to a wider audience. It brings forth more opportunities for the group and lets them put their hands in as many markets as possible. When Pianos Become The Teeth declared that their new record would have no screaming on it, there was intrigue in regards to whether or not they could still convey the same level of intense emotion they are known for while reaching out to these new audiences and markets. Keep You, an apt title, does indeed keep the emotional intensity, but does so in a different way. This record draws you in through being incredibly personal lyrically and instrumentally and continues to do so throughout the duration of the album.
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Heavy Blog Is Heavy’s Best Of: Spooky Albums


Hello, hello and welcome to the seventh (!!!) part in our ongoing series of Heavy Blog Is Heavy’s “Best Of” selections where we explore a genre of music and each of our dedicated authors picks a favorite album to share a personal experience with. Once more, we break away from genre limitations and get into the October spirit with our Spooky Albums list! As Halloween draws closer, we look back at the albums that either handled material relevant to the holiday or just down right sent chills down our backs when listening to them, then and now.

Fear and the occult have always been two things that have walked hand in hand with metal. Whether a serious approach is taken to it, such as in the extreme cases of the original Black Metal scene, or a more tongue in cheek approach, closely linked to trash culture such as in the case of Rob Zombie for example, the symbolism and the aesthetic of Halloween has always been a close companion to metal. Today, with the resurgence of horror films, zombies and all manner of things that go bump in the night, the issue begs ever closer and critical looks. The list below doesn’t go too deep into the subject of the scary and the bizarre but it’s certainly a good beginning in your delve into this fascinating field and art form.

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Image by Anthony Pham

It’s no secret that the Heavy Blog staff holds a special place in their heart for doom and sludge. This year has been fantastic for the sub-genre so far and it seems as if the momentum is going to be preserved in the fast approaching 2015. One of the best outfits of recent years to operate within the sound have been Black Sheep Wall, releasing a brilliant LP and EP in the past two years. The band have now announced that they will be releasing another album, early next year. Head on over the jump for full details!

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When it was announced that avant-garde composer Scott Walker would be collaborating with drone-doom titans Sunn O))), the general reaction was one of intrigue. Walker had appeared on the track “Alice” from Sunn O)))‘s album Monoliths & Dimensions, so the opportunity to hear this match-up over the course of a full length project tantalized the imaginations of experimentally inclined listeners. The final project, entitled Soused, can now be purchased through 4AD Records here, and in addition, Scott O))) has released a video for the opening track, “Brando,” which can be viewed after the jump. Read the rest of this story »

Iamthemorning Unveil Chamber Music Version for ‘Os Lunatum’

Iamthemorning are a band that I identified as one to keep your eye on. In my review, I described them as a band that combines classical with prog, and this can be shown in the clip below for their song ‘Os Lunatum’, which has a chamber arrangement, which is more orchestral than the album version. Check it out after the jump!

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We’ve already spilled a larger number of words on telling you about Mono‘s upcoming double release, The Last Dawn and Rays of Darkness. If you’re not convinced yet that this is one of the most important albums of the year, and the most important album in the band’s career, you can now stream the whole thing for yourself. Prepare to sink into the dark realms of the stripped down Mono sound but not before being exposed to the heights of their post-rock flourishes. Head on over the jump to begin your journey.

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Empty Yard Experiment – Kallisti


In a year filled with the most impressive technical death metal and vile sludge to be heard in a long time, Empty Yard Experiment and their debut album Kallisti are a welcome distraction. Containing a multinational lineup and based out of Dubai, not exactly known for its metal output, the band have released an album that is as much a throwback to the likes of early Alice In Chains as it is a great example of modern production values. With plenty to praise there also comes a fair few nits to pick also – the criticism of a debut album would not be complete without them.

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