Primitive Man – Caustic

The allure of extreme music, for most, comes from its roots in counter culture. The hippy-dippy era had no idea what the hell was happening when Iommi picked the first distorted tritone. Fast forward all the way to the present day and a lot of extreme music can be branded and catered to specific groups. Counter culture is consumer culture. Honest extreme music is much more difficult to come by and much more difficult to consume when it finally shows up. It doesn’t get much tougher to swallow than this. Primitive Man are the embodiment of an “acquired taste”; the Denver residents playing doom that most fans of doom can’t even stomach. Consumption of their new full length Caustic is not advisable for anyone of a weak disposition.

Grind My Gears – Where The Sludge Lives

I’ve written and deleted four or five attempts at an introductory paragraph for this edition of Grind My Gears. The stretches I was trying to make happen were ridiculous. Seriously. I went with a vague Pretty Woman metaphor, tried to open with a “religious subtext” shtick, eventually deciding to pack all that in when I was 250 words into an argument with myself concerning the Oscars and why they need a Best Arterial Spray category. It was a mess. All in the name of trying to introduce a trio of acts who succeed in pairing grind and sludge with shameless…

Prepare For “Mega Magicka”; Path of Might Are Back!

Last year, we told you to listen to Path of Might not once but twice. They had this heaviness about them that’s rare even within their stoner/sludge sub-genres; both releases were chock full of riffs and sheer awesomeness. Well, rejoice! Path of Might are back/still around and this time, they have a full release for us! Hallowed Gate Style sees the band preserve much of their chunkiness and dominant tones but lean much more heavily on their desert rock, Witchcraft influenced roots. The first released track, “Mega Magicka”, is a perfect example of this newfangled direction for the band. Head on over down below…

Daniel Cavanagh – Monochrome

There are artists whose power comes from being interesting even though you were dead-on with your pre-conceptions of their music. When speculating about how a future release by them would sound like, you got all the points right: the instruments sound as you had imagined they would sound, the lyrics are familiar, the production is what it needs to be. Everything has been played as you had expected. And yet, the album is still incredibly powerful. Something about the way it’s put together, even if you saw it coming, takes your breath away and reminds you why all those things exist as they do. This is very much the case with Daniel Cavanagh’s latest release, Monochrome.