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It’s no secret: Heavy Blog is crazy about post-rock magistrates And So I Watch You From Afar. The band is infectiously innovative, insanely original and just damn right dance-inducing. When we learned, late last year, that they were planning to release an album in 2015, our hearts went through the roof. Now, finally, we have a release date and artwork for the new album ,which you can see above. Head on over the jump for dates of a tour by the band to support this release and some more words that say “holy crap, I can’t wait for this”.

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Hey! Listen To Tween!


Making it as an underground musician in NYC/Brooklyn has never been an easy task, but these days it seems harder than ever between the ever rising costs of living, venues that are shutting down left and right, and the further bifurcation of musical tastes into micro-targeted niche genres. Here at Heavy Blog we do what we can to shine a light on bands and artists we think are great or have potential to be great but often don’t have a significant following or the means to market themselves. Such is the case with the eclectic to unclassifiable mashing of hardcore, noise rock, and self-described “glam-metal” that is the drum and bass duo Tween. Read the rest of this story »


The Aurora Borealis Project is the brainchild of Carthage/Illuminations vocalist Eric Hendricks, featuring his vocals and lyrics set to music written with friends in the Maryland music scene. We’ve shared several tracks by this amazing project in the past but the upcoming album Eternal Efflorescence features guest songwriters such as Drewsif Stalin, Saif Sulaiman Abuhulayel, Amilcar Hoefdraad, Axel Otero, Tre Watson and Ian “Memes” Wilmot. As the album is a diverse blend of styles sure to appeal to anyone with an ear for heartfelt, honest music, we decided that it warrants its own track and a new post. Head on over the jump for the new track!

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btbam the atlas moth

Between the Buried and Me are on the home stretch of recording their hotly anticipated rock opera, pushing for a tentative summer release through Metal Blade Records. Naturally, the band will have to tour in support of the record’s impending release in the meantime, and between the act’s headlining spots at the recently announced Texas Independence Fest and New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, the group will be travel-ready with a new setlist guaranteed to see audiences between Austin, TX and Worchester, MA.

So of course it’s a lock that we’ll see Between the Buried and Me touring North America this spring (hopefully with new material in their set!), but a full itinerary and supporting lineup are currently unknown. However, post-metal act The Atlas Moth are strongly hinting that they will be involved in the trek.

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texas independence festival

To celebrate the 170th anniversary of Texas not being independent, Texas Independence Fest has released the lineup for their 2015 festival from April 10th to 12th.

The list of bands is long and crazy, featuring some performances that are inevitably going to be fantastic. From deathcore titans like Oceano and Whitechapel to the technically-laden Vale of Pnath and headliners Between The Buried And Me, the grouping looks intense and diverse. More bands are to be announced in the (hopefully near) future.

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It’s no secret that Devin Townsend is influenced by pop music and mainstream rock, at least from a production standpoint. Leading up the release of his 2010 album Addicted, Devin openly admitted to being influenced by Nickelback‘s record Dark Horse, saying, “I had a real think about this and I thought that I would go out and buy the record. Maybe it’s some sort of high-art that I’m not getting. So I got it and it sounds phenomenal! Mutt Lange did it and Randy Staub did it, it sounds incredible, but every song is about [Chad Kroeger’s] penis!”

On top of this, it’s undeniable that some of Devin Townsend’s latest material — specifically, 2012’s Epicloud and its spiritual successor in 2014’s Sky Blue — is the musician’s most accessible work to date, with explosive hooks and major orchestrations that mirror Devin’s more positive outlook on life in recent years. Naturally, one would expect Devin to want the music to sound the part, and no matter how you feel about pop music, its more reliable flow and volume of income provides the genre with the best music production around.

However, it wasn’t until recently — via an interview with Decibel Magazine — that Hevy Devy admitted to going as far as working directly with the people responsible for the music of chart-topping pop rock acts such as Nickelback and Daughtry, and it turns out, the whole process rubbed Townsend the wrong way and he now refuses to let the track see the light of day.

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The Crown – Death Is Not Dead

the crown

Five years can be a very long time for most bands. Life gets in the way more often than not and the result is usually an inevitable change in any given band’s line-up. Since the 2010 release of The Crown‘s seventh studio album Doomsday King, the most notable line-up change was the return of the band’s original vocalist Johan Lindstrand. After leading his other band One Man Army and the Undead Quartet for eight years which saw them release four full-lengths, Lindstrand finally decided to dissolve the project and return to The Crown in 2011. And so the prodigal son returns in time to make his mark on the eight record Death Is Not Dead with the underlying message that Lindstrand is also not dead.

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With no sign of stopping, melodic death metal masters Dark Tranquillity and Insomnium rolled into the new year with all the riffs and sadness two bands on tour together could muster. Photographers Maclyn Bean and Kyle Gaddo snatched up some great shots of their stops in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Joliet, Illinois on the continuing tour.

Both bands played an excellent mix of old and new material, as would be expected from incredibly well-versed musicians such as them.

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If These Trees Could Talk Interview

Hey gang! If any of you don’t know who If These Trees Could Talk are, please remove yourself from these premises and go flog yourself to repent. Trees are one of the most original and damn right innovative names in post rock, so with the announcement of a new album, signing to Metal Blade and a re-issue, yours truly had no other choice but to sit down with Zack Kelly, drummer/producer and overall mastermind, and chat a bit about the future. Head on over the jump for more details on the new release, vinyl, and eggs. Yes, eggs.

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Norwegian progressive black metal wizards Enslaved are about to release their thirteenth album. Let that sink for a second. How many bands get to twelve albums, and how many of them have their best albums be their most recent ones? 2012’s RIITIIR was an instant classic, and the follow-up In Times sounds like it’s going to be just as impressive. Check the teaser out after the jump.

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