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tgiving-dinnerIt’s Thanksgiving, a time for football, feast, and showing the rich relatives how well you’ve turned out. Help us put together a playlist for the occasion after the break.

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Primordial – Where Greater Men Have Fallen


In a time when the world remains under the omnipresent threat of a new Nickelback album, news of Irish-Celtic folk-laden black metal masters Primordial releasing their eighth full-length come to comfort the weary misanthropic modern metalhead. Despite having been around for more than twenty years, the wise men in Primordial have never really chosen to be in the limelight, instead opting for a rewarding career where fans with three digit IQs can digest their music and appreciate its subtleties over multiple listens. On this new record, entitled Where Greater Men Have Fallen, the layering of sound is as meticulous as ever with nary a catchy segment in sight; which is a good thing.

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A few weeks ago the erstwhile Scots Mogwai announced a new EP called Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1., which contains B-sides from the Rave Tapes sessions, as well as remixes of Rave Tapes tracks. The EP is coming out next week, but you can now stream the whole thing courtesy of our favorite album streamers at Pitchfork (le sarcasm). Hit the jump for the link and thoughts, as well as a newly-released (and very gorgeous) video for lead single ‘Teenage Exorcists.’ Read the rest of this story »


Earlier this year, we got word that Periphery vocalist Spencer Sotelo had been officially recruited as the new vocalist of From First To Last, Tampa, Florida’s resident post-hardcore act.

After the news landed in April, there were literally dozens of fans worldwide anxiously awaiting what Spencer might sound like with this new act, after having his voice so heavily proliferated with Periphery. The wait is over, however!

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It’s easy to forget, from the spectator side, that being in a band is a very demanding thing in areas that are sometimes invisible to listeners: constant rehearsing, loading in gear, team chemistry and constant movement are only a few of the challenges facing aspiring musicians everywhere. It often happens that when a certain field fails, a member must leave or the group disband all together. Today, Intervals announced that they would be parting ways with their excellent vocalist, Mike Semesky, and start auditioning for his replacement. Head on over the jump for the full release.

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We have probably all looked for shapes in the clouds and tried to point them out to our friends and family. Soundgarden takes it a step further in their new video for “Storm” released last month, pulling Rorschach-ish inkblots and elaborate mirrored images straight out of cloud-and-smoke backdrops. It definitely gets a little eerie.

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The second in an ongoing series of prank videos performed and documented by Protest the Hero vocalist Rody Walker dropped yesterday on the frontman’s Twitter account. Astutely titled “Shitty Pranks on Mike”, the video delivers what it promises. Though significantly less elaborate than Drum Clinic Sneak wherein Walker dawns a disguise and crashes a drum clinic hosted by friend and bandmate Mike Ieradi, the sequel carries a common theme: the torment of Ieradi (who is the band’s newest full-time member) through a series of poorly-executed pranks. What this video lacks in faux soul patches, it makes up for in dirty undergarments and implied urine assaults. See what all the mischief is about after the jump.

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Soen Release Bone Chilling Video For ‘The Words’


Recap: I really liked the latest Soen album and didn’t really like their last video. The album is a really mature step in their career, building upon foundations set forth in their debut and making them better, but the video struck me as simplistic and worn out. However, Soen are apparently bent on improving all the time, as their recent video is a million ranks above their previous one. Head on over the jump to check out the video for ‘The Words’ and read my thoughts.

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April 24th, 2015 will mark one century since the Armenian Genocide. System Of A Down—well-known for being politically active and passionate about social justice—have planned a tour to honor those who were victims of one of the most studied and discussed holocausts in history. The band humbly ask their fans, “Please join us in bringing justice to this cause.” It’s easy to have a deep respect for musicians who practice what they preach.

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Machine Head – Bloodstone & Diamonds


It’s been a turbulent three years in the metal world since Machine Head released Unto the Locust to much critical praise. We’ve seen the continued rise of djent and its bastardizations, deathcore’s leanings into more progressive territories, progressive metal’s leanings into softer and more introspective territories, black metal through the eyes of shoegazers, and the return of a few old school death metal bands. The late nineties saw the band conform to the sound of the times, adopting the nu-metal style introduced by bands like Rage Against the Machine, Korn, and Limp Bizkit in years prior. Luckily, the current musical climate has had no impact on Machine Head, who have chosen to pound the flag they’ve been flying since their triumphant return to form with 2004’s Through the Ashes of Empires deeper into the ground, resulting in Bloodstone & Diamonds, their latest gem and first release for Nuclear Blast.

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