25 – Ethics In Metal Journalism

Eden's back! This week we have a whole batch of news! New music from First Fragment, Devin Townsend and Haunted Shored, Gorguts, Gojira and Inter Arma. Industry stories like Bandcamp's success, Babymetal on Colbert, Northlane selling gear to make ends meet and Cult of Luna's statement about leaking. New videos from Behemoth and Dethrone the Sovereign. Upsetting news including the arrest of Puddle of Mudd singer, Adam Young of Sockweb being arrested for assault and kidnapping, former singer of Fair to Midland in a sad situation. Finally, some random news including Disillusion teasing a return and Whitechapel being confused about whether they have clean vocals on their upcoming album or not. Then we talk about what "journalism" means in the metal scene. Enjoy!

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Hear A New Song From Valleys!

"Choices" is a song that is part of the whole, so surely it will work better with the overall album. With concept albums like this, it's hard to take individual songs out ofthe mix and release them, but bands need press. The song itself is definitely a grower, but has gone from a song I listened to every now and again to a song that I've been spinning regularly, mostly because of how catchy the cleans are.