It’s a comparison that has shown up a lot lately, and one that I brought up before for their self-titled album, but more than ever the new Whitechapel music seems to pull a lot of influences from the heavier moments of Slipknot. It’s definitely not a bad thing — regardless of what you think of the band, you’d be hard pushed to deny that they were absolutely brilliant at writing anthemic metal songs. Just give it a listen and you might see what I mean:


Mono‘ comes via AltPress and is taken from the band’s upcoming album, Our Endless War, that should see an April 25th release through Metal Blade.

I dug through the cesspool of YouTube comments, so you don’t have to, and gathered that, inbetween all the in-fighting about whether this is deathcore or not, that a lot of people are hearing the same comparison. Which, depending on your outlook, probably bodes quite well.

– DL

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