If your groove-quota was running low, then be thankful that the Knoxville, Tennessee based purveyors of big riffs and groove, known as Whitechapel, are back. The groups upcoming new album Our Endless War has been teased a lot of the previous months, but now we finally get our first taste of new music in the form of the monolithicly heavy ‘The Saw Is The Lawthrough iTunes.


Naturally though, the digital wild west has taken hold, so grab a listen while you still can and keep an eye out for pre-orders, which I don’t believe are out yet.

The track is nothing too surprising, which I think plenty of people will be more than OK with. It continues to mine that same mix of infectious songwriting with gargantuan riffs that the band have come to be known for and, in general, suggests that Our Endless War will be a more than worthy addition to the Whitechapel back catalogue.

– DL


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