Whitechapel album 5

I’d imagine many of you folks are divided when it comes to the no-frills deathcore of Whitechapel. It wasn’t until their last self-titled record that I was able to put an album of theirs on regular rotation. Their increase in quality over the years has given me high hopes for their upcoming fifth record will see the same level of improvement.

The group have just wrapped up the recording sessions for the new record with producer Mark Lewis, who has worked with the group on their last album as well as groups such as Trivium, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Scale The Summit. A brief clip of new music from the album sessions has been uploaded to Facebook, and it sounds promising! Check it out below:

It looks like we’ll find out early 2014 whether album number five will be able to top Whitechapel. Fingers crossed!

– JR


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