No More Mr. Tough Guy: The Issue With Machismo In Hardcore

Machismo is hardcore's rather dangerous love affair with the tough guy mentality, a mentality that takes away from the music and makes involvement in the scene less about the music and far more about keeping up appearances, a sentiment that is rather ironic when considering that much of punk revolves around individuality. While many may not see it, and many may just choose to ignore it as it largely doesn't involve them beyond dealing with the occasional crowd killer, it is an issue that threatens now to drive hardcore from DIY staple venues all over the world that essentially keep the music alive, as well as provide a huge turn off for countless new fans who are exploring the genre.
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Xibalba – Tierra Y Libertad

Few bands embody heaviness quite like Pomona, California’s Xibalba.  Their peculiar brand is a bludgeoning potion of 90s death metal, beatdown hardcore, and downtuned sludge. Take the sheer girth of Crowbar, ... Read More...