EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Xpus conjure old school death metal mastery in “Of Purity, Chastity and Temptation”

Over the past several years, death metal has experienced a renaissance of epic proportions, fueled by movements of radical innovation (propelled by bands such as Ingurgitating Oblivion, Pyrrhon, Alkaloid, Artificial Brain, and a host of others) and adherence to the genre’s most cherished and essential elements (think early Horrendous, Blood…

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Electrocution – Psychonolatry

Some things just get better with age. Wine, whiskey, cheese, and my dad’s jokes all receive a qualitative helping hand by good ol’ father time’s unending march toward oblivion. Yes, it’s a tired maxim, but like the best of them it’s based in a fairly hefty dose of truth. At…

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Death’s Door // December 2018

Welcome to the final installment of Death’s Door, 2018. Wipe your feet on the mat and pull up a bone throne if you can find one. This entire place has been absolutely decimated by this year’s fresh crop of fantastic death metal. Our final analysis on the year’s best releases…

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Horrendous – Idol

It feels inappropriate to categorize anything in the death metal world as “darling”, but if there is such a group of musicians and songwriters that fit that colloquial moniker it would have to be Horrendous. With coverage and praise in heaps coming from mainstream music publications as well as the…

Grave Dust – Pale Hand

It’s always nice to come back to things you know work. A little nostalgia never hurt anybody, after all. Hearing some band playing the brutal, grinding old school death metal always tickles the brain. Even among the masters, Portland’s Grave Dust is kicking it up with the best of them.…

Death’s Door – April 2018

Welcome to Death’s Door. Wipe your feet on the mat and sorry for the general disarray, the world made a mess on its way through here. That’s right. THE WORLD. Dark Lord, that place is nuts. I genuinely don’t understand it. Kanye loves Trump (re: himself), people are getting shot…