Leprous – Pitfalls

We’ve dealt with the question of context many times on the blog, mostly when reviewing releases from beloved bands. What weight should we give previous releases when taking new albums into consideration? It is fair to hold the past performance of a band up to their current output or do…

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Port Noir – The New Routine

By the time a band reaches their third album, it is not unreasonable to have a certain set of expectations about what it will deliver. Sometimes, the band will stumble and fail to meet them. Others will rise to the challenge and comfortably surpass them. And a third group, to…

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Thomas Giles – Don’t Touch The Outside

Don’t Touch The Outside, Between the Buried and Me frontman Tommy Rogers’ fourth proper full-length under the moniker Thomas Giles, takes the retrowave and electronic influences on previous outing Velcro Kid (2016) and imbues those new wave vibes with some of the wilder experimentation and genre diversity which made Pulse (2011) and Modern Noise (2014) so incredible.

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Haken – Vector

As you might have inferred from my previous review of Haken, for their excellent 2016 release Affinity, I’m not the biggest fan of their early works. Affinity, however, seemed to represent a band more secure in their own sound and willing to mess around with new influences, sounds, and ideas. The future, coming…

128 – Music Is Whatever

Yay, this week there’s stuff! Some good, some bad! New As I Lay Dying (ugh), Babymetal, Dol Ammad, this cool Russian band Sunless Rise, the Perturbator school shooting shitshow, The Lion’s Daughter, Contrarian, Bridge Burner, Leprous, Uada, Suotana. Then, cool people stuff with Hereditary, Beacon 23, Sisyphean, Yoku’s Island Express. Enjoy!

Ihsahn – Ámr

Just picture yourself sitting at the right side of a decades old career. Be honest with yourself: as you survey all you have achieved and consider your next steps, what kind of emotions course through you? It’s safe to say that many of us would feel contentment, a sort of deep satiation. You’ve earned the trust and respect of your peers and the adoration of several generations of fans; where do you find the fuel to move forward? Honestly, I have no idea but Ihsahn appears to have found a secret store of whatever substance keeps musicians going well past would anyone else would consider the peak of their career and into heights.

TesseracT – Sonder

The first three albums of a band’s career all have their own thematic tropes. The debut is often seen as the most primal, the fuel that often catapults sensational bands into fame. The sophomore release is the one where the true wheat is separated from the chaff; bands choose to…