Best of 1989

As you might recall, Heavy Blog is ten years old this year. As such, we’re setting off on an adventure, each quarter exploring a different “Year 9”. After looking at ’79, we’re now at ’89, and oh boy was ’89 A Year. It’s the year in which the Soviet Block…

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Riffs from the Crypt – The Norway Rocks Split

Welcome back to Riffs from the Crypt! Today, we’re disinterring a mass grave. In 1988, Norway’s Angel Records released a five-band split called Norway Rocks, featuring Anesthesia, Manitou, Shellshock, Get Lost, and Thunderdome. The quality of the tracks featured here is outstanding, particularly the contributions from Anesthesia and Manitou. But alas, not every song could be rescued from their Norwegian tomb: both songs from Get Lost have permanently gotten themselves lost, and Shellshock’s second effort appears to have been obliterated. What is left, then, is seven tracks of speed/thrash/power metal intensity, full of tapping solos, tremolo riffs, and headbanging choruses that deserve a second chance in the light.

Symphony X – Underworld

Even in just the past five years, the meaning and idea behind what it means to be a progressive metal band has completely shifted. A genre once firmly rooted in neoclassical fretboard acrobatics and Halford-fueled vocal performances has now turned towards the more extreme, the more unpredictable, and the much…

Mire – Inward/Outward

Sticky, sodden, stinking and sinking — Mire is not the most pleasant or imaginative of words to use to name your band and yet where once there was none, now we have two fighting to disentangle themselves; waving to grab our attention.

Educating the Falses: The Tale of the American Battle Wizards Storming Through the Barricades of Moridor to defeat European Darkspawn Metalians of Power in the Battle of Scalzi

For the most part, power metal is universally a joke around metal heads due to it’s crap songwriting, lack of riffs, hardly touching down with “metal” because it’s so vagina-esque, and the unbelievably cheesy imagery, as seen above. I mean, that’s wolf shirt material right there. It might even be…