If you’re interested in hearing a band that could be making waves in the future, check out Unconscious Disturbance and their EP, Let It Rain. While brief, with four songs each clocking in at under four minutes, it contains several well-executed ideas and some tasty flourishes that suggest the band may be grabbing a lot of listeners in the future.

The band’s sound is very accessible, at times invoking the The Mars Volta’s Noctourniquet, an album which found them abandoning the spastic arrangements, crash cuts and jarring shifts for more standard verse/chorus songwriting structure. Unconscious Disturbance’s dual vocalists, brothers Kiko and Daniel Freiberg, have high end ranges similar to that of Cedric Bixler-Zavala, though turn in a more grounded performance. A better touchpoint for the band’s overall sound may be Dredg, as Unconscious Disturbance brings the same sense of attention to details of songwriting and arranging, while at the same time giving a hint of progressive undertones that may hopefully be fully explored on future releases. Even the titles of the songs suggest accessibility. “Eye To Eye,” of course, shares a song title with the classic album from Fates Warning, another band with a sound similar to Unconscious Disturbance.

“Let It Rain” includes several rapid fire riff changes, including a verse riff that moves effortlessly between a groove and a more muted section. “Our Secret” also contains a solid riff that, at times, employs a bit of machine gun bursts as punctuation. Both “Our Secret” and “Eye To Eye” have percussion flourishes, which the band wisely uses sparingly, as they are more striking when they do appear. And finally, EP closer “Scream” includes an altered time riff to propel the song right out of the gate.

Given its concise running time, Let It Rain feels at times like a demo. If this is a coming attractions reel, the future is promising; Let It Rain is tightly arranged and expertly recorded and, as a whole, suggests a lot of potential. It will be interesting to hear where these guys take this, as there is clearly raw talent.

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