Kvelertak – Nattesferd

Norway's Kvelertak experienced an explosive arrival to the metal scene in 2010 with the release of their universally acclaimed self-titled debut. Buzz spread almost overnight as their would-be niche black n' roll experience found worldwide audiences and the attention of major label Roadrunner Records. The unabashedly catchy blend of black metal, hardcore punk, and cheesy classic rock riffs was a new experience to such a wide audience, and Kvelertak was quick to become a landmark album not just because of its novelty, but because of its genuinely exciting songs. So where are we now, six years and two albums later?
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Ghost – Opus Eponymous

Ghost Opus Eponymous 01. Deus Culpa 02. Con Clavi Con Dio 03. Ritual 04. Elizabeth 05. Stand By Him 06. Satan Prayer 07. Death Knell 08. Prime Mover 09. Genesis Ghost are kind of peculiar. Hailing ... Read More...
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Hey, Listen To Ghost!

We love to turn people on to good music at any chance we get, but sometimes the awesome bands we want to talk about don't have any sort of news going on at the moment. We want to talk about them anyway. Looking... Read More...