Boston-based quintet Lattermath are ready to release their self-titled tomorrow in partnership with Knife Fight Media. You may already be a little familiar with Lattermath via video game metal band Powerglove, as guitarist Ben Cohen plays alongside that foursome to bring ferocious covers of songs you know and love. Lattermath is also awesome, but very different, so don’t go in expecting the beep-boops you know and love already!

Lattermath is absolutely a djent band, more in line with Periphery with strong vibes of aggression, but also filled with moments that just scream with pain, both in the vocals and the music itself. There’s also some Protest the Hero vibes in vocal phrasing, so it’s definitely worth a listen!

A little copy-paste from the label for your reading pleasure!

LATTERMATH is a progressive metal band from Boston, MA, which combines complex riffing with distinct, memorable hooks, and virtuoso guitar solos. The band was founded in 2010 as a studio project, consisting of Derek Sampson (Lead+Rhythm Guitars/Vocals/Production), Anthony Lusk-Simone (Drums/Programming/Production), Ben Cohen (Lead + Rhythm Guitars, also of POWERGLOVE), and Eli Cutting (Lead Vocals). Over the past several years, LATTERMATH has developed their sound and worked steadily on writing what would become their debut self-titled release. In the fall of 2016, the band solidified their lineup after sourcing bassist Kilian Duarte (Felix Martin, Scale The Summit) to fill in the final piece of the puzzle. Now with a full touring lineup ready to be unleashed, LATTERMATH, are poised to be a breath of fresh air in the modern prog/djent scene, having created a unique sound for themselves, and one that can be appreciated even by non-metalheads. The band will be playing with Born of Osiris this Saturday, March 11th 2017, at the Worcester Palladium, in Worcester, MA, which will also be the album release show for them.

You can check out the lyric video for the lead single “Caves” right here, too, but right below is where you can hear the full album here before it becomes available for purchase tomorrow!

If you like what you’re hearing, pre-order the album on Amazon or Bandcamp and connect with the band on Twitter and Facebook!


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