228 – Back On The Rack

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! Back on track with the content. This week, we talk about new music from Gojira, Stortregn, Luna's Call (kind of), Beast of Nod, Born of Osiris, Alustrium and Bodom After Midnight Then,... Read More...

Vatican – Sole Impulse

Over the past few years (and specifically in 2018), I've been taken aback by the critical affinity with metalcore. It's not just because of the music itself, though I'll admit that I'm not particularly fond of... Read More...

Hey! Listen to Mycelia!

It's a good practice to stagger your releases a bit in order to keep your music and name fresh in your audience's mind. If you release an album every few years, you run the risk of losing the attention of both... Read More...

152 – Why Are We Like This?

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! New year, new music! We discuss new material from Jinjer, Dream Theater, Born of Osiris, Saor (and an extended discussion on nationalism), In Flames, Soilwork, and Astronoid. Plus Genghis Tron being on streaming services and Al Mumin's repsonse to The HAARP Machine's crowdfunder failing. Then, cool people time with Informer, Darkest Dungeon and more. Enjoy!

148 – Not Gonna Title This That Number

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! Lot of good stuff this week! New Born of Osiris album, new material from Crystal Lake, Maximum the Hormone, Astronoid, Downfall of Gaia, Shokran, Arcadia Libre, Children of Bodom, In Flames, and Grimes. Also a full pro shot live show of Trivium without Matt Heafy. Then we discuss a Decibel article about bands who successfully changed memorable vocalists. Then cool people time with Artifact, Bodyguard and Isinona. Enjoy!