196 – The Marxorcism

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This week we talk about a variety of old live shows suddenly popping up on YouTube, an album announcement from Enslaved, and new material by Benighted and Fit For An Autopsy. Then, cool people time with Half-Life 1 VR but the AI is self aware, Half-Life Alyx, and Tales from The Loop. Enjoy!

188 – New Year New Podcast

Not really. It's the same old stuff. Also, I accidentally deleted my notes so we don't have a description for this episode. We discuss new music from Benighted, Igorrr and more, and do the usual philosophy thing. Enjoy!

137 – Spank Bank

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This week we are back on track! Bringing that beat back! We had a good time discussing the not-so-real nu-metal revival (thanks to a new Bring Me The Horizon song), the controversy abo... Read More...