Hey! This week we discuss stuff. Stuff like Marduk‘s show getting cancelled because they’re thought to be nazis, Wintersun‘s neverending shenanigans, Suicide Silence‘s new album. Yeah, this episode is called “Salt”. But we also talk about Dimmu Borgir releasing a live DVD and a new album, Gruesome being a good Death substitute, Ulsect totally not being djent, Myrkur working on a new album, Ingurgitating Oblivion being awesome, Dying Fetus working on a new album, then a bunch of new releases like Born of Osiris, Disperse, Hark, Benighted and more. Also movies and games and stuff at the end, of course. 

Also, do you really care about the stuff I link in this post? If no one bothers with those links, I might as well just stop them. Let’s try dropping them for a week and see if anyone complains.

69 – Salt

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Intro/Outro – NYN




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