These posts are written by: Noyan

175 – Big Data Energy

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This week we don’t really talk about metal. Instead we talk about tech companies, ethics, machine learning, how your data is harnessed, and how the public conversation around this. Enjoy!

174 – 400 Pages of Seinfeld Sheet Music

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! Back to a regular week. Some discussion about the new Slipknot and Northlane albums, Humanity’s Last Breath and the intellectual equivalent of that scene from Venom where Tom Hardy dives in the lobster tank, and Tool/King Crimson coming to streaming services. Along the line, we do some bullshit philosophy on what happens to art when you can recreate it, what is the difference between music as written and music as recorded, the aesthetic of what you do and don’t hear on the recording, and a lot more. Then, cool people time with Midsommar, Fargo and The Boys. Enjoy! 

173 – Solo Project

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This week there’s a bit of a twist. You’ll see what I mean. The topics of discussion are long first songs, and the intricacy of writing chug-heavy music that seems simplistic. Some of the discussed artists include Periphery, Machine Head, Native Construct and Heart of a Coward. Then, cool people time with Super Mario Maker 2. My maker ID is LPS-QH8-94G. Enjoy!

172 – Socialism-Mandated Metallica Shows

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! We discuss Manowar’s rant, Metallica’s alleged scalping, new music from Unprocessed, Korn, WRVTH, The Number 12 Looks Like You, Wormed, and Jacob Collier. Also ArcTanGent festival, and the new Heavy Blog shirts! Then cool people time with Raven Stratagem, and some SDCC hype. Enjoy!

171 – auto_generated_podcast_171.mp3

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! We’re alive! We discuss the Batushka split, Keep of Kalessin, Unprocessed, The Ghost Inside, Disillusion, Opeth, Babymetal, and an acoustic cover of Trivium (zombie chord video here). Then, cool people time with Stranger Things, Spider-man, Crawl, The City of Folding Faces, and more. Enjoy!

170 – Cool Angle’s Thesis

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This week we have some news and announcements. The black metal poser who burned a church, Megadeth frontman Mustaine’s throat cancer, Facebook’s prevention of The Ocean monetizing their climate change-related video, Slipknot and Five Finger Death Punch launching new lines of products, Borknagar and Insomnium having new releases coming up, and Unprocessed. Then, cool people time with Neon Genesis Eva-GET IN THE ROBOT SHINJI, The Terror, and Charles Stross’s Laundry Files series. Enjoy!

169 – I’m On A Boat

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This week I am dialing in from an unusual location. We have a bunch of items to discuss, including Iron Maiden suing the creators of the game Ion Maiden, Metallica playing the national anthem, video of domestic abuse from the Vektor frontman surfacing, This Gift Is A Curse, Howling Sycamore, Shrek slam band The Ogre Packet Slammers, Wormed, Wait, Brand of Sacrifice, Season of Mist moving to on-demand shirt printing, and Cody’s chaotic meme playlist. Then, cool people time with Designated Survivor, Chernobyl (we go into some good discussion about nuclear energy), Surviving Mars, Killing Eve, and The Society. Enjoy!

167 – Guitar Professional

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This week Ahmed and I discuss the music composition software Guitar Pro, its impact on metal, and how a musician’s process affects their music in subtle ways, what technicality and virtuosity even is, and more. Then we do a deep dive on Sekiro and Dark Souls 2. Enjoy!

166 – Vale of Djnath

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! Eden is finally back, but this time I’m derailing. We talk about new music or videos from Trivium, Vale of Pnath, Shokran, Slipknot, Immortal Guardian, Disentomb, Conjurer, Iron Maiden, and maybe Amaran. Then, cool people time with A Plague Tale: Innocence, What We Do In The Shadows, Sekiro, and Under the Silver Lake. Enjoy!