Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This week, we go talk about some stuff. Really. Eternal Desolator covering Fleshgod Apocalypse, Iced Earth delivering on the promise of their pro-civil-war album, new music from August Burns Red, Eximperitus, Pupil Slicer and Genghis Tron. Then, Two Minutes to Late Night doing an Every Time I Die/Cave In split. Also, we did a cool people episode to go over the stuff we enjoyed in 2020, and that episode will be available on our Patreon! Please check the Patreon out for other exclusive content, dank memes, and lettuce-based recipes. Well, at least one of those things. Enjoy!

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By the way, the NYN album Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is finally out, so check it out!

221 – Freshgod ApocaPrince

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