I was just telling my friends how what I needed now, what I’ve come to rely on during this quarantine, is the kind of electronic, groovy, powerfully direct post-rock that I like most. And lo and behold, Aesthesys are back with a new track from their upcoming album, Alignments, which is set for release on May 28th. If you don’t remember who Aesthesys are, first of all: shame on you. Secondly, let me remind you. We first premiered a track from them two years ago, from their brilliant release Achromata. There, we mentioned how beautifully touching their combination between strings, post-rock, and electronica is and guess what: “Exodus” is no different. It is the first track from their upcoming album and boy, does it rise up to the challenge. Scroll down below to get your taste!


God, I absolutely love this track. From the first moments and their gently strum guitars, “Exodus” is filled with the kind of nostalgic joy that I love post-rock for. The drums expertly pick up on this vibe, elevating it along the middle segments of the track. They underpin the guitars and the beautiful violins, creating a crescendo without forcing the band to use the tired tropes of the post-rock genre. The build up happens beneath the surface, without you noticing it, until the climax to the track washes over you. And what a climax! Those triumphant guitars, the scintillating synths, the agile drums! Everything just sings with a boisterous outcry of life and emotion until the bottom falls out and the violins remain to carry on the main line into the track’s conclusion.

“Exodus” is a ride and then some, reminding us that Aestheshys remain criminally underrated. And the rest of the album is just as good! It does more interesting things with the electronic notes already present on “Exodus”, further contrasting them with the drums and guitars in deft, adept ways. Make sure to head on over to the band’s Bandcamp page and pre-order Alignments ahead of its May release. Perhaps it’s what you need just now, as well?

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