Spell – Opulent Decay

Of all the genres to augment and splice with new varieties, good ol’ heavy metal seems to be the one that escapes the creative mutations most often. It makes sense. If a heavy metal-augmented style becomes “to... Read More...

Half-Life: Crashdïet

Crashdïet have had a hard time since spear-heading the Swedish sleaze rock revival in the early 2000s. With five studio albums, and nearly as many lead singers, under their belt since 2005, it hasn't been easy ... Read More...

The Anatomy Of: Moloken

The melting pot of musical inspiration that is Umea in Sweden is one of the hottest around. Cult Of Luna will forever prop up piles of history with their unique experiments in metal and story telling. They whet just about every appetite out there with their sonic musings. Moloken make music that branches of from Cult Of Luna's inspiration itself. Taking a new form and leaning harder on more primal urges and feelings, their brand is thick and somber... but expansive and foreboding too. When we premiered the video for "Beginning of the End", we helped showcase a drifting, bittersweet musical piece. One that was a chillingly perfect finale to All Is Left To See. The album itself is it's own entity comprised of twisting, turning pieces. Curiousity got the better of us and we had to ask the band themselves just what kind of inspirations took them to this point, musically.
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Megadeth – Super Collider

Three years ago Dave Mustaine and co. celebrated the 20th anniversary of their seminal work, Rust in Peace. To celebrate this moment, the band decided to tour North America, playing every single track from the album, some of which had never been performed on a live stage before. This sort of sentiment showed a kinder side to Mustaine, one that cared for his fans, and his legacy, as if he wanted to preserve and honor what he and his various band mates over the years had worked towards. Three years later, Dave Mustaine penned the lyrics for the title track from Super Collider, the band's fourteenth studio release: "This could be all the heaven you see/Life can be wicked, mean and cold/Could this be the end of your living terror/Come with me and I’ll train your soul good." Goddammit Dave.