The Lincoln, Nebraska post-rock quartet Minor Movements took the genre by storm last year with their full-band debut album Bloom, which ended up very near the top of the mountain in terms of 2019 releases. The band has a knack for blending tender, moving passages with some seriously impactful riffage. That theme continues with “Low Hum,” a new single that should greatly please eager listeners who expected to wait at least a couple of years for fresh material.

There isn’t necessarily one specific element of their sound that sets them apart from their contemporaries; rather, it’s more that they just clearly possess the natural instincts and compositional skills needed to create compelling post-rock, and the results simply speak for themselves. Avid genre followers can’t help but admit that there are a number of bands where you feel like you’re just waiting for the next explosive moment, but that’s never the case with Minor Movements. Everything just works, the pacing is tight, the songs are perpetually in forward motion, and the riffs and melodies are more than memorable enough to keep you coming back for repeat listens.

“Low Hum” is the newest in a line of videos from Bobby Markos’ (Native, Cloakroom) Documavision, which has provided us with Heavy Blog premieres for bands like Trench, OroborO and Brady, as well as others for deep-indie darlings Horse Jumper Of Love and Spirit of the Beehive. The video continues Markos’ theme of using sourced footage, then splicing and superimposing images in an effort to function as an atmospheric accompaniment, complimenting the overall tone of each song.

Guitarist and founding member Nic Brant has this to say about the origins and development of “Low Hum:” ” In 2020 we really wanted to take some time to experiment with songwriting, recording and releases as well. ‘Low Hum’ is the first instance of this and we were all really happy with the result. It was a true coalescing, especially during the recording process. I can’t tell you how humbled I am that so many people responded to Bloom in the fashion that they did, and I truly love that record and what it represents as well. I truly hope those same folks will enjoy this track and will come along with us while we continue to discover the music that we want to create.”

Today you can listen to “Low Hum” and see its video exclusively here at Heavy Blog, so please tune in, enjoy, and support the band if you like what you hear!