jeffk are a band I haven’t written about nearly enough, seeing as they make exactly the kind of groovy post-rock which I adore. Drawing on comparisons like 65daysofstatic (in their darker mode) or Town Portal, jeffk have been around for a few years now, with their debut LP, inadequate shelter, seeing original release in 2018. It kind of flew under the radar not just for me but for other aficionados of the genre. Luckily, the mighty dunk!records are now gearing up for a re-press of the album, which should serve to put the excellent German back on the map for many of us. We’re proud to stream an insanely cool looking video for one of the best tracks off of that album ahead of that re-press right here. Head on over the jump to check out “oh! eightball”.

What I like about this video is that it captures the band’s famously electric live presence while melding it with some visuals in an interesting way. The color scheme chosen works really well with both the melancholic tones of the track and the harder hitting passages, especially near the middle of it. Those hard hitting passages are what keeps me coming back to jeffk and to this track; their groove is hard to resist, just over the line to put the band into post-metal territory but with firms hooks of tone and style back in the post-rock underpinnings of their sound. This means that the atmosphere which the beginning of the track cultivates, dark and brooding in its heavily delayed guitars, can be maintained even when the band are going full ham.

jeffk’s repress hits dunk!records on March the 13th. Head on over to the label’s website for more details and a pre-order or check out the band’s Bandcamp!

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