It’s been two years since we last spoke about Timeworn. Their last release, Venomous High, lived up to its name. It was a heavy, progressive stoner album that called forth the unavoidable Mastodon comparisons. But unlike many of the bands operating within this saturated genre, Timeworn made sure to live their own signature on the music and thus create an album that was compelling for itself more than it was as an homage to a sound or a style. Now, Timeworn are back, getting ready to release their upcoming album, Leave the Soul For Now. We’re extremely happy to premiere the first single from the album right here! “Oblivion Seekers” is a ride and a half or riffs, breakneck drums, and powerful vocals so let’s get on down over the jump and chat a bit more.

Hell yeah, am I right? I love the more Gojira influenced vocals on the beginning of the track, wide, open screams really setting the tone right off the bat. Down the line, the drums also deserve special mention; their fills are extremely on point, creating the kind of high-stakes momentum that’s crucial for this kind of metal. As everything picks up towards the first chorus you can kind of guess where the track is going but that doesn’t really matter; once those clean vocals hit, with that more memorable and catchy instrumental chorus backing them, the sweet contrast just does the work for the band.

Throw in some groovy as all hell riffs near the end of the track (watch out for those pick scrapes) and you have yourself a progressive stoner winner. I’ve yet to dive into the album as a whole but let me tell you, if there’s more of this on it (as there certainly will be) this album will become one of the dark horses of the year as it starts to wind down. Keep your eyes peeled for more info as we near the album’s release date. It’s going to be one to watch.