Last year was an exceptional year for death metal, and so far, 2019 is doing everything it can to match (and potentially exceed) that high bar. As Jonathan and I cover each month with Death’s Door, the genre has never been as diverse and adventurous as it is right now. This year has offered something for fans of brutality, melody, and everything in between; I’d be genuinely surprised if you couldn’t find at least one new release that rips you to shreds.

Cursed Seeds is shaping up to be another strong addition this year’s list of noteworthy death metal releases. The latest album from Horror God fully embraces the genre’s current affinity with dissonance and atmosphere, while also marrying these newer ideals with unmistakably classic roots. Imagine a vicious duel between old and new Gorguts, or Psycroptic and Ulcerate having an Oceania-sized brawl. On their third album, the group sounds completely fresh and invigorated, as exhibited by the record’s second single, “Sunset.” Scroll down for a taste of modern dissonant death metal at its finest.

As you just hear, “Sunset” is a blistering, dizzying display of brutal technicality. At their core, Horror God are excellent musicians in lockstep with one another. Their performances shine individually and flourish as a collective, with riffing and drumming unleashed with precision but no shortage of energy and creative flair. The song’s production is also fantastic, with the bass in particular popping with bright accents right alongside the rest of the ensemble.

On top of this strong musical foundation, Horror God infuse their songwriting with dissonance and atmosphere in perfect measure. The track ebbs and flows with vibrancy and variety, bucking the pitfalls of dissonant death metal bands aiming to be as chaotic and abrasive as possible and ignoring structure and meaningful development in the process. The full product should excite death metal fans of all preferences, as well as any metal looking for a comprehensive approach to measured brutality.

Cursed Seeds is available Sept. 27 via Lavadome Productions. Check out the album’s lead single, “Age of Madness,” on Bandcamp.