The Viterbo, Italy trio The Chasing Monster came out of the gate on their 2017 debut LP Tales with an exciting blend of dramatic post-rock and narrative storytelling, surveying the conversations held between the last two people on Earth before life is blinked out. The strength of their debut landed them on the dunk!festival main stage that same year, and now they’re returning with their anticipated second full-length Errant, releasing on Antigony Records this coming Friday, May 10th.

The band leaves the narrative structure behind on Errant, opting instead to explore big ideas on a fully instrumental canvas, which serves them well. Tales is a gorgeous and ambitious record that features some exceptional sequences, though at times the dialogue is overwritten and the music is forced to take something of a backseat. With Errant the band is able to spread their wings and focus on the craftmanship of each individual song. There are some heavier elements brought into play, and the moments of crescendo are considerable. Opening track “Oceano” sets the tone out of the gate, an ever-evolving piece that covers an impressive amount of ground over its sprawling 10 minutes, from the disarming stagger of its opening minute to the groove-heavy melodic sections to its multiple huge climactic moments.

If you find yourself pulled in by wide-scope, traditionalist post-rock theatrics with tinges of prog then you’ll find much to enjoy on Errant. It will be streaming exclusively here for the next two days before becoming available everywhere on Friday the 10th.