After losing vocalist Tilian Pearson, Tides of Man took a risk. They transitioned from a post-hardcore/progressive rock band with a heavy emphasis on vocals to an instrumental post-rock group. Their third album Young and Courageous saw that risk pay off in a big way. This was largely because their youth and courage as a band allowed them to make the drastic change with a confident energy that bled into each song. As risky as their move was, it was as calculated as one could possibly make it. Now it’s time to see if the band’s latest album, Every Nothing, continues the payoff of that risk they took four years ago.

Many people would say that Explosions in the Sky largely damaged post-rock by bringing forth and endless stream of crescendo-core post-rock bands. These bands largely focused on the trem-picked explosion of reverb heavy clean guitars but lacked the amount of talent and claim to the throne that Explosions in the Sky had. Those bands largely lacked the ability to exercise restraint in their composition so that the crescendos were peaks that were climbed toward. Tides of Man do not belong in this category. Though crescendo-core elements are present, the band understands that the listeners is to be guided to these peaks through tasteful composition.

Composition aside, this album is also one of the best-sounding albums of this year. There is a clarity and warmth to everything present that is unparalleled. Even with many elements at once going full force, everything has its place. The atmosphere is never cluttered and confusing on Every Nothing. The mix on this album is superb and deserves to be highlighted alongside the excellent music it acts as the container for.

Every Nothing is an album of varying textures and moods that are all held together by the strong energy the band exudes on this release. At one moment, the music is cradling you until you can leave its arms knowing that what lies ahead of you is triumph and triumph alone. At another moment, you may be in the middle of your propulsive journey forward only to realize that there are many peaks ahead of you that, once you see them, you so badly long to conquer. This record speaks to an optimism that radiates outward and will only part with its host to be with you.

From top to bottom, this album refuses to leave you in the lurch, believing in you every step of the way. It wants to be there at night when the uncertainties of night attempt to rob you of your vision for a better tomorrow. It wants to be there for the moment you feel the sun kiss your face at the dawn of your grand accomplishments. It longs to be your everything when you feel that there is nothing. On this album, Tides of Man’s risk continues to pay off. Most importantly, it pays it forward to you, the listener.

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Every Nothing is available 8/3 via super duper best friends A Thousand Arms, which you can purchase here (perhaps you would like to buy a beautiful shirt while you’re there).


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