Tides Of Man – Every Nothing

After losing vocalist Tilian Pearson, Tides of Man took a risk. They transitioned from a post-hardcore/progressive rock band with a heavy emphasis on vocals to an instrumental post-rock group. Their third album Young and Courageous saw that risk pay off in a big way. This was largely because their youth and courage as a band allowed them to make the drastic change with a confident energy that bled into each song. As risky as their move was, it was as calculated as one could possibly make it. Now it’s time to see if the band’s latest album, Every Nothing, continues the payoff of that risk they took four years ago.

Dance Gavin Dance – Instant Gratification

Dance Gavin Dance are not a band that can be easily put into a particular box or category. They rode in on the wave of new school post-hardcore bands, but have undeniably shown that they have far more longevity than those bands they arrived with. Going through various vocalists and lineup changes…