It gives me great pleasure to bring you this premiere. Technical death metal masters Augury are back after almost a decade with their third album Illusive Golden Age, which is incredible. Those of you who are familiar with the genre might recognize bassist Dominic “Forest” Lapointe from his stint in Beyond Creation or First Fragment, but to me, his big break was always Augury, so it’s great to see him return to form. Their earlier releases, Concealed and Fragmentary Evidence always way ahead of their time, and their sound definitely still sounds fresh today. They have their first music video of their career attached to “The Living Vault”, and you can check it out right now!


In the video, we can see a live performance shot a couple weeks ago in the band’s hometown, Montreal. The tech death scene there is quite robust, and Augury are no small fry. One might assume that because they’re a technical/progressive band, Augury’s live performance would be lackluster. The video makes it clear that this is not the case, however. Frontman Patrick Loisel is always intense on stage, and the video does a good job of capturing it with clever editing and framing. It’s so great to see Augury back and at the top of the genre. If you’re anywhere near into anything mentioned so far, you have to check them out. Illusive Golden Age is out now on The Artisan Era.

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