We’ve been telling you about the budding post and math rock scenes gathering steam in the British Isles for a while now. To be honest, you didn’t need us to tell you about it; there are already a host of famous bands (like And So I Watch You From Afar or Poly-math) who have been in operation for a while now, alongside massive festivals dedicated to the sub-genres (like ArcTanGent). But still, we take special pleasure in calling attention over and over again to what’s going over in Albion and its neighboring kingdoms. We do this for several reasons, chief amongst them that we simply love the music that keeps pouring out from that scene. It might also have something to do with the friends we’ve made there over the years.

Regardless, it’s now time again for good news out of the ever-creative spaces of sunny, Old Kingdom(s) post/math rock in the form of Reckoner Festival. What in the bloody hell is that, you might ask, in an attempt to rudely parrot an English idiom. Well, we’ll tell you, no need to get upset: Reckoner Festival will take place on October 13th, on what will hopefully be a Saturday with some amount of sun and heat left, in the University of Sheffield, at the uber-sleek FUSION & FOUNDRY. During said date, attendees of the festival will enjoy the sounds of bands like LITE (an amazing post rock band from Japan, who you simply must hear), up and coming chaotic hardcore madmen Employed to Serve, the extremely powerful all-around-noise-machine that is Oslo’s Aiming for Enrike, blog darlings VASA, and other bands like Body Hound and Trigger Thumb.

Stoked yet? Rumor has it that another wave of bands is coming in the close future. Another rumor states that Heavy Blog members are conspiring to attend the festival’s inaugural year, armed with a desire for beers and giving readers high fives. Make sure to head on over to the festival’s Facebook page to keep up to date and stay tuned for June 1st, when early bird tickets go on sale.


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