It seems as if, generally speaking, our Post Rock Posts can be divided into two rough groups: on the one hand we have bands whose sound is what you would expect from post rock. Dreamy escapades, lengthy build up and bursting crescendos are all the soup of the day and when it’s done right, it sure is tasty. However, we’re here to talk about the other group today. This side of the post rock genre is filled to the brim with groovy drums, lush bass and an overall umbilical connection to the roots of rock n’ roll. LITE are a great example of why that works, sometimes even more so than the more ambient and out there variants: their lengthy discography is a never ending ride along breakneck meters, groove-drenched licks and production that constantly nods its head towards Camel. If that sounds like something you might enjoy (it is), head on over the jump!

“Black and White” comes right off of Phantasia, the second album by these guys and my personal favorite. It really captures all that’s great and good about this band: the nonstop drums, the creative and “free” bass that accompanies them and the infectious, sweet guitars. These kind of instrumental bands, can often be very hard to listen to; technicality combined with irregular track structure doesn’t make for a very accessible listen. But these guys, from the first note to the last, have somehow created something that is both interested and instantly approachable. You speak their language because it’s the language of dance and rhythm and heart but you’re also intrigued by their accent since it’s new and refreshing.

All in all, you have plenty of work ahead of you: the band have 4-5 albums (depending on how you count) and each one of them brings something fresh to the sound you’ve just heard. They’re also complete creations in and of themselves, peddling in a host of sounds and melodies. So, go do your homework. There will be a test.



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