Honestly, I just want an excuse to talk about Timewaves. They’re great. I love Nordic progressive metal, and this scratches that itch. Combining that dark, fresh sound with heavier vocals, orchestral keys, and a melodeath tinge ends up being quite fun. They’re releasing their debut Resilience this year, and trust me when I say, it’s worth waiting for. If you’re into Leprous, but want something more aggressive, like earlier Opeth with more theatrics, then check this out. I present to you, “The Sickle is Drawn”.


The band have a self-proclaimed “cinematic” sound, and I would definitely agree. The key work is relatively subtle, but it adds a lot to their sound. How they cultivate build-ups and then deliver on them is just sublime. Vocalist Espen’s raspy screaming is consistently intense, and helps emphasize the strength of their big, powerful moments. The album is full of clever songwriting like this – it’s worth waiting for! Timewaves will be releasing Resilience later this year, and they will be putting out more singles as well. In fact, they already have another one, so you can check that out here:


I’m quite excited for them to unleash their album and get more recognition for it, because they’re doing good work.


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