On this day, I bring not a standard blast of filth and depravity, instead something far more tied together and serene. In places. This is a track that defies my own need for blast beats and fuzz because it has neither and still cranks me right up. “Supercell” is the third single off Septa‘s sophomore album and should stoke the embers of any fan of alternative rock and post everything. Have a penchant for the dramatic? So do Septa. Enjoy haunting vocals and suitably racy soundbites? You’re in luck. Still reading this? Get on with it.

The pace and subsequent tension brought on because of it maps out this slalom between alternative metal, trip hop and post hardcore. I know right? So many genres thrown out there. Chevelle, Portishead, Thrice. Three big name drops there too now. Three acts all in the upper reaches of their respective realms and those are the bands I can link these new sounds to. Not that they sound all to similar, just bring about the same mood created by those acts. “Supercell” is built up of well played, sequenced acts of music with several themes present. Themes run through all of the new record Sounds Like Murder. Expect lashings of intrigue of the noir variety.

For real, it’s awesome that we get to share this kind of thing with you guys. We get to bring to attention a smashing band and through the contributions of the vocals by associated act iamyou, I get a new favourite find of the year. The two acts are perfect for each other and the collaboration here is fantastic. Check out Sounds Like Murder when it drops November 11th. Head on over here to pre-order it and here to follow the band on Facebook.

Get trippy.

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