Cynic are one of the greatest metal bands of our generation, regardless of their current status or one’s opinions of their latest releases. Perhaps one of the most decisive signs of that is how their tracks work both in their quiet, intimate version and the original epic ones. Thus, Re-traced in Air remains an immensely impressive album, perhaps one of the most impressive of its type (Opeth‘s Damnation would be another one or Devin Townsend‘s Unplugged). With their skill, Cynic birthed a plethora of progressive metal bands and can be credited as one of the progenitors of progressive metal in general. One such band, who have always worn their influences on their sleeves is Cryptodira. While we would LOVE to tell you that we have new material from these guys (“soon!”, the promise us), we do have a cover of Cynic’s “Integral” by the band. Check it out below.

One of the reasons I got into Cryptodira, beyond the fact that they recorded a split with East of the Wall, is the vocals. These are on prime display in the cover, as Scott Acquavella does a fantastic job of tracking the unique timbre of Paul Masvidal. The guitar work is clean and pleasant, not an easy feat to accomplish when sitting in the same room as the singer. All in all, this humble video and cover radiate the right approach to this rendition of the track, focusing on the vulnerable nature of the lyrics. So, while this isn’t new material from the hotly anticipated Cryptodira, this will do for now. And more.


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