You didn’t think that, once I discovered the secret of being lazy about these show notes, I’d go back to being not lazy, right? The structure of that sentence was abysmal. But I had a fun time trolling Eden this episode, and so did his new dog (RIP)! We talk about: Oddland, Disillusion, Alcest, ColdWorld, Native Construct, Babymetal, Devin TownsendDeparte, Brain Tentacles, Opeth, Orphaned LandInfant Annihilator, Betraying the Martyrs, Inanimate Existence, Fountainhead, Anciients, Hannes Grossmann, Leander, Abnormality, Wintersun and Nader Sadek. Then, balls deep on Lamb of Dog! I mean, Lamb of God!

41 – Dogs Of Eden

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Show notes:

Intro/Outro – Aftermath/Closure, Just as Planned by NYN


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  1. karlo

    i really, really dislike the crusade. it’s by far my least favourite trivium album. i really dont like what they did with the vocals, and the songs themselves were just weird – it gets really cheesey at times and i feel like nothing on it really worked

    i went back 15 seconds and eden you said opeth you pleb. also reminder to discuss the single they release next week – interested to hear your thoughts

    heavy agree on fountainhead being an absolute boss. i’ve listened to a few of hannes gorssman’s solo songs and i feel like they’re a big step below both obscura and alkaloid, which is a bit strange. maybe just need to give a whole album a go and that may change my opinion, rather than just singles.

    ive never heard of nader sadek, but those names are insane so ill have to check it out. leander rising also sounded really cool, kind of like meshuggah, but less technical, more melodic and not djent. holy fuck eden that anciients song was amazing – wasnt expecting it to be my thing but it is great, will need to check out there other stuff. lol @ balls deep haha


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