A lot of the bands I usually like to highlight during a Hey! Listen To article are bands that haven’t made a lot of headway into the mainstream, but nonetheless have a few albums under their belt. Of course there are always exceptions to that latter rule, like my support of Ukranian thrash band Hellcome or the folk metal outfit that I refuse to shut up about, Goatspsalm, and, in this entry, Turkey’s Mammoths on Giants.

Besides being the third mammoth-themed band I’ve found this year alone, Mammoth on Giants kicks some serious musical ass. They’re equal parts Seizures and Lamb of God, with maybe just a little High on Fire mixed in for good taste. This is music that is ruthless; it will attach itself to you and pummel you into the ground until nothing but a bloody corpse remains. Vocalist Mert Papik sounds a lot like a Matt Pike/Randy Blythe hybrid, bringing some serious power and texture to his growls, while the rest of the band makes some brutal mathcore that manages to have a pretty great groove to it as well, as if its only purpose is to mosh to. On top of that, though, their production is stellar, with the drums staying nice and tight, and the guitar having a really nice texture to it that sort of reminds me of Converge, if Kurt Ballou was channeling Dimebag Darrel at the same time. It’s sludgy and disgusting and fucking beautiful all at once.

As I lightly referenced at the beginning of this post, Mammoths on Giants don’t have a whole lot in terms of material; what I could find on their Bandcamp consisted of two EPs—2016’s Passcode of a Perfect Mother and 2013’s Desolated, with a grand total of six songs in their catalog as of the time of writing this. But that shouldn’t stop you from listening to it; though these are short EPs, the material in it is top notch, with every member performing at their best. And, hey, maybe if we give these guys a little attention, we might have more than just an EP in the future, right?

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=142542593 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]


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