I am normally not a fan of bands with an excessive amount of clean vocals, particularly when they are in the higher range. Sometimes it becomes a bit too whiny for my tastes, and it takes away from the normally killer music below the vocals. However, The Apprehended are different. Yes, they have vocals that are very high pitched, but the also have some absolutely killer music below it that is too good to pass up. Fortunately for us, they’ve let us premiere their new EP At Arms Length, which you can check out here!

The songs has tinges of Circa Survive and Chiodos at times, with the music being some really cool melodic metalcore style stuff. It’s definitely fun music to listen to, and while it definitely isn’t for everyone, they deserve a chance at the very least. There’s even a part in the middle of the first track where their singer goes into some pretty cool screams that really add to the song. The entire EP is very well done, and I can only hope that this means great things are on the horizon for the band. Be sure to preorder the album here and follow the band on Facebook!


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